There's a new bear in town -

There’s a new bear in town

Scientists confirm grizzly-polar bear cross


A few weeks ago in Ulukhaktok, N.W.T. a hunter shot and killed a strange looking bear. Thanks to DNA testing, scientists are now confirming that the animal, which has the large head and long claws of a grizzly and the white fur of a polar bear, is a cross between the two species and may be the first ever second-generation “grolar bear.” It’s believed that the bear’s parents were a female grolar and a male grizzly. The finding is unprecedented because the animals are extremely rare—there have been several sightings in recent years but there’s only been one other confirmed hybrid, which was shot by a hunter in 2006. It’s believed the increase in sightings may be a result of a warming climate causing grizzlies to move north into polar-bear territory.

Vancouver Sun

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There’s a new bear in town

  1. OK, let's see if I have this right. If I have a gun in the N.W.T, I'm allowed to shoot anything I want without any kind of permit, even if it is some kinda extremely rare hybrid bear. Or if you have to have a species specific hunting license, you would think that you would want to be sure what you are shooting at, wouldn't you? Oh well, it's kinda cool that we could make this species extinct before it ever really exists!

  2. ERK;
    YOU are erking me!! How do you know that he didn't have a permit? Maybe the bear was shot to protect this man's family… Maybe he was in danger from the bear…
    IF you knew ANYTHING at all about hunting in the NWT – you would know that it is highly regulated….. PLEASE get some more facts before you start spouting off about things you know NOTHING ABOUT!!!

  3. I stated no facts in my post, I asked a few hypothetical questions, much like you posited a couple of hypothetical possibilities. And if hunting is highly regulated in the NWT, where did he get a permit to shoot a polar/grizzly hybrid?

  4. Okay, let's see, hmm new strange looking bear, never seen before…SHOOT IT! Even if it was shot for food, there wasn't another bear anywhere that the hunter could have shot,? Then recorded the whereabout/location of the unusual bear…nope…Just Shoot IT! I agree with Erk to a point. If the hunting is so regulated…then why were the only two hybrid bears shot?…I'm pretty sure that the hunters didn't have a license for a hybrid bear, and if he did, then why is the bear news?

  5. Correction to my Post before someone jumps down my throat.

    when I said "only two hydrid bears" I meant to type only confirmed two hybrid bears…

    Also I wanted to add, if the man was being threatened or in danger and he had to shoot the bear, they should have said so in the news articles. Other than that, with the amount of bear studies going on, you can't tell me that he couldn't have reported the sighting and someone could have gone out, tranq'ed the bear and taken samples…wow..we'd still have a live hybrid bear…but no…let's shot it and answer questions later

  6. I don't think shooting it should be the first action taken (unless it is deemed a danger, as in on someone's property).
    I believe that because it is a strange looking bear that has never been seen before it should be reported so that it can be studied. A natural hybrid animal in the wild is an amazing thing, it tells us how climate changes are changing migration and "travel" patterns.
    I think this type of research is deemed much more important than having this animal "put on display". Was it determined if this new bear was in fact of the same relation to the bear from 2006?

  7. Check the CBC website. He shot the bear as it was heading INTO TOWN!!!
    Choices: let the bear run into town perhaps putting HUMAN lives in danger or shoot it.

    Not much of a choice. He would not need a permit or a hunting "tag" to kill this bear. There was immediate danger to human life and property.

  8. Lmao.. Sounds like you have never been to the NWT or anywhere outside the concrete let a bear like that roam around a village like Ulukhaktok and you going to have a real problem on your hands..I have seen a black bear tear the wall off a mobile home to get at a batch of cookies baking in the oven, oh yeah.. the mom & her two kids were able to run out the back door to safety, the family dog wasn't so lucky though!!

  9. According to the article on the cbc website this paticular bear had just scavanged through five cabins and was on it's way into town when the fellow shot the bear.

  10. So was this hunter hired to track it down, or did he just happen across it and shoot it?

  11. We used to do that to, and a we were armed also, but i think what makes a difference here, is what you and I ( and my kids too ) experienced were dump bears,they had all the groceries they could handle so they sort of ignored us..sounds like this bear had already ransacked five cabins and was heading into town for breakfast when he was shot. To bad though,, Just sayin……..

  12. The article didn't say, but i doubt if the guy was hired.. when you live in these type of communities it's just a matter of everybody looking out for everybody , you don't have to ask one another for help…you just help.

  13. WIW!!! You can definetely tell who is from a concrete jungle down south and who actually lives up north just from the comments being made. Why don't those of you who don't know anything about living up north and bears try and do a little research before commenting on an article like this. The bear had already ransacked five cabins and was heading into town. Not too sure if its the same as down south or not, but once a bear starts ransacking houses they don't stop, I grew up living in the bush and most bears are harmless to a point if you leave them alone, however the ones that are used to garbage eating due to peoples negligence with their garbage almost always become problem bears in residential areas. The north is very different than the south, and if this hunter shot the bear as it was heading into town it was probably the right thing to do.

  14. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that what was done was wrong, but the legalities seem a little fuzzy. Plus, as far as I know, the only other grolar bear that has been shot was killed by an American hunter with a grizzly ticket who obviously just shot and killed something he considered bear-like, and he was allowed to take the carcass home and mount it, so maybe there needs to be a little better management of this.

  15. If that is indeed the case of the American hunter, I agree, and also that is trophy hunting which should be very closely monitored… Myself , I have no time time for trophy hunters, It's a different story if your hunting for meat and are lucky enough to get a trophy speciman, but to just go and destroy an animal just for bragging right's really annoys me…Just my own opinion..

  16. Oh right, i forgot NWT hunters are able to read their preys minds……"Me big old bear, growl growl, me gonna go into town and eat people, growl growl".

  17. I agree with ERK. Was it really necessary to shoot the bear. Grizzlies are not reall for human consumption anyway.
    Signed X Hunter

  18. The hunter is an idiot. Didn't even know what he was shooting. See soemthing, shoot it, a good day. IDIOT

  19. I grew up in a small town in the forest, Powell River, and when I was a kid we all used to go to the local garbage dump on Sundays and watch the bears. There were people there with guns, just in case, but you know what, none of us ever got ate. Just sayin'……