“There’s no app” for fighting Internet repression, says Clinton

Hillary Clinton vows help for cyber dissidents


Popular demand for democratic reform is surging in the Middle East, and restricting citizens’ rights to the Internet will not change that, says U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. In a speech at a George Washington University on Tuesday, Clinton says the Obama administration is poised to help dissidents evade Internet restrictions in the name of promoting human rights and democracy in repressive states. “Those who clamp down on Internet freedom may be able to hold back the full impact of their people’s yearnings for a while, but not forever,” read an excerpt from her speech, released in advance by the State Department. “There is no silver bullet in the struggle against Internet repression. There’s no ‘app’ for that. And accordingly, we are taking a comprehensive and innovative approach — one that matches our diplomacy with technology, secure distribution networks for tools, and direct support for those on the front lines.” Central to that approach, officials say, is assisting civic leaders, students, and rights activists in overcoming government controls of the Internet.

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“There’s no app” for fighting Internet repression, says Clinton

  1. … meanwhile the Obama administration is doing everything in it's power to shut down wikileaks…

    • Given your unwillingness to post your name here, I would imagine you have some concept of privacy.

      There is a difference between restricting people's acces to "public" information – i.e. that which others have voluntarily made available – and trying to prevent others from breaching your privacy by stopping them from making public documents which were intended to remain private but which were stolen … er, "liberated".

      It's like the difference between me blocking others from reading your above post, versus hacking Maclean's website to determine your email address and then posting it for all to see.

  2. Yes, internet repression in the rest of the world is a problem. In the USA of course, there's not nearly enough of it. Obama's still trying desperately to get his "Internet kill-switch", so he can have the same power as those middle eastern dictators he so envies.

    • Absolutely true. American political elites are no more interested in internet liberty than their counterparts in Iran or China.

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