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“They will be satisfied when we have Canadian healthcare”

White House Spokesman bashes “professional left” critics


The Obama administration is under fire from the right, but it’s the left that really gets it upset. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs blasted liberal critics of the president, who have bashed his conservative stance on issues like civil liberties and gay rights, and compare him to George W. Bush: “Those people ought to be drug tested,” Gibbs said. He added that the “professional left” will only be satisfied “when we have Canadian healthcare and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon. That’s not reality.” Gibbs did not name any specific critics, though that may be because virtually every liberal pundit has been critical of Obama and there are too many criticisms to choose from.

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“They will be satisfied when we have Canadian healthcare”

  1. "They will be satisfied when we have Canadian healthcare" – and then no one will be satisfied…..

    • It's sad, but true, and the Canadian left refuses to acknowledge it.

      A crash course in the sorry state of health care in Saskatchewan, of all places — where public health care was born — is a real eye-opener. There's something about a province where you may need to travel up to 136km or more to have a broken bone set.

      There's something about a province where towns hire and pay their own doctors to stop the provincial government from closing down their hospitals.

      And, to top it all off, this degradation all took place under, of all things, an NDP government.

      Canadian health care isn't everything we've cracked it up to be. It's time to start reforming our system, and we need to start by taking on the unions.

      • Having to travel for certain types of healthcare treatment is a reality no matter what type of system you have when it comes to isolated or rural areas where there simply is not the population to sustain that type of specialist there.

        It is a real shame that the provincial government is shutting down as you mention, but most likely why is because there isn't enough people to sustain it, so the towns stepped in — that is an issue, I agree, but if it were privatize, I hardly doubt the number of HPs in the area would increase. Doctors can still set up shop whereever they want whether they are being paid by the provincial insurance or by private insurance and if they aren't there now, I highly doubt that getting rid of healthcare coverage would change the very reason why they aren't there – not enough patients to make it lucrative.

        • Who said the solution is privatization?

          But let me explain to what's happening in communities where they are hiring and paying their own doctors because the Department of Health won't: Healthcare is already de facto privatized in those communities.

          Travelling for certain kinds of procedures? That's just a reality. Travelling 100 km or more to have a basic procedure, such as having a broken bone set? THAT is beyond the pale, and a demonstration that, in some places, our health care system has reached systemic failure.

          If we're going to save public health care, governments need to act — and they cannot afford to wait another hour.

          In Saskatchewan, the government has quite sensibly started out by allowing private diagnostic clinics to set up shop in the province. Now, at least citizens of Saskatchewan will be able to get any MRIs they need done in a reasonable time. In this province we've had a problem with people waiting months for an appointment to have an MRI done, only to be sent home to wait again should the clock run out on the technician's work day without that scan being done.

          Halting that alone will improve the quality of health care in Saskatchewan immensely.

          The next step will be breaking the union — I'd prefer that public service unions start acting responsibly, but the trend is that they will not. Unless they change their ways, we will have to break them.

  2. Exactly. Both Canada and US are blinded and doing both our countries a favor by looking and comparing at what each other have and do not have. They should look elsewhere for solutions like Japan, France, UK, Australia, Italy, which ranked higher and deliver health care at lesser costs. Otherwise, they will be facing the same health care crisis like we in Canada have.

    • You forgot Germany and Belgium. But you are otherwise correct.

  3. "He added that the “professional left” will only be satisfied “when we have Canadian healthcare and we've eliminated the Pentagon. That's not reality.”"

    Here in Canada we have Canadian healthcare and we never had the Pentagon in the first place. The Left is still not satisfied. They never will be.

    • Is 'the Right' satisfied with the state of Canadian healthcare? Why must every government action be tinged with this left-right/conservative-liberal Americanism?

      Red Conservatives and Blue Conservatives differ as much in this country as Blue Conservatives and fiscally-conservative Liberals.

  4. Oh God! Not Canadian health care! Anything but that! Drawing and quartering! Communism! American Idol on an endless loop! Just not Canadian health care!

  5. JEEZ! Can you say OUT-OF-TOUCH? Progressive don't live in the REAL WORLD? #*~/ you too! NO Progressives have our Vincent Bugliosi and Randi Rhodes. We have our Representatives Alan Grayson or Anthony Weiner or Sen. Al Franken. We have our DEMANDS for ethics. responsibility and ACCOUNTABILITY!

    Progressive believe that Republicans/Conservatives already HAD THEIR CHANCE (8 years Bush/Cheney, Republican controlled Congress 1994-2006) …and you morons almost destroyed the greatest nation on Earth. It's time for you corporate flunkies to step aside and allow some PROGRESS!

    We don't want to work with Republican/Conservatives… We want to kick the Republican Party down to 3rd Party status AND THEN… we may have the chance to enact our policies and ideas.

    Paul Krugman's article in the NY times “Addicted to Bush” supported my conclusions about the Conservative right wing… they're MAD! Loony as a Warner Bros cartoon. Going back to Bush/Cheney policy so soon after the 8 year disaster proves their insanity. Over and over again expecting different results, RIGHT? But you want Democrats/Progressives to believe if only Conservatism had one more chance it can work?

    MORE of the waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, sexual deviancy, corruption, lies, incompetence, job outsourcing, off-shore tax evasion, media consolidation, reckless economics, war profiteering, Constitutional violations AND a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions…. The WORST looting of a nation's wealth and resources in the history of MANKIND!

    Where was the Tea Party anger THEN?

    Tax cuts for the rich stimulating the economy, huh? How about we reward the top 1% when they actually DO something for the USA? Yea, you #*~/‘n silver spoons get tax breaks after you bring factory jobs back to US soil. The American PEOPLE have spent the last 30 years paying those tax cuts for the top 1%… and what did we get? What ever “trickled down” rich people's leg wasn't economic stimulus.

    • Ummm, this was a US centrist-Democrat speaking to US leftist-Democrats. Canadian/European-style healthcare isn't feasible in the US for at least a decade because of the engrained business culture. At the end of the day, you have to pick the battles you think you can win and left the battles you think you'll lose unfought.

      The US has made progress in the last 2 years, now it needs to digest that progress while still moving forward. Any lose of forward momentum means an equal shift of world power from the US to China.

  6. I fully expect the American people to prove they are the dumbest species on Earth when they allow Sarah Palin to become President because Obama wasn't 'left' enough.


    • I am American and many of us will never vote for Palin. I tend to be liberal and left leaning on many issues, but I actually support Obama for the most part.

      • It won't be a matter of not voting for her, but of people not voting at all.

    • Pease! Americans are so insanely stupid it isn't even funny. Our problem is American Christianity that makes any kind of education look evil. I wish I had moved to Canada when I had the chance. I believe the U.S. will break up in ten years or less.

  7. What a perfect example of how dysfunctional the US has become. Everywhere the extremists are gaining more ground and thus paralyzing the federal government. The inevitable conclusion to the inflexibility of the left vs right stalemate.