They’re traitors here, too




“Traitors.” “Whores.” “Sellouts.” No, these aren’t the words of those charming scamps from out west, here and here, and they aren’t directed at those the poncy Liberal-NDP elitists who dare usurp the Conservative’s power. Rather, these are the sentiments of several ardent nationalists, who are infuriated at the Bloc Québécois for supporting our seemingly inevitable (but wait!) coalition government. It seems the irony of having the BQ as a de facto member of the government is as much of a problem for sovereignists as it is for another living west of Ontario and east of Vancouver.

“The Bloquistes are whores and traitors,” opined ‘Christian Lagevin’ on Le Québécois’ forum, in a thread entitled ‘The Treason of the Bloc Québécois’. “There’s nothing else to say. It’s so obvious. [The Bloc] has indirectly allied itself with two of the most anti-Quebec nationalist parties in Canada, neither of which unnderstands Quebec’s interests.”

“The neo-federalists are very happy with this pan-Canadian coalition with an ex-sovereignist party,” writes ‘Genesis’. “It’s not the Bloc’s job to help Canada to work, but to destroy it,” notes ‘Bourgault’. “I don’t see how the Bloc’s support of Dion and Layton advances the cause [of Quebec independence],” adds ‘Pierre Schneider’.

“Wow, the Bloc wants to make Canada better with the Liberals,” laments ‘Arminius’ on the Cowboys Fringnant’s forum.

As is often the case with Quebec separatists, though, there was much dissension in the ranks. As these discussions ‘progressed’ (and I used the term lightly) participants broke into two camps, one made up of the aforementioned coalition-haters and another of those who believe the Bloc will sew panic, fear and hatred in the hearts of Canadians and actually help sovereignty’s cause.

“The Bloc has the government by the balls,” writes Frederic Picard. “It will be able to do whatever it wants to the government for two years. Dion will be at Duceppe’s mercy. Some people call this treason. Me, I call this a show of force, putting the feds on their knees.”

And then they called each other nasty names. Sounds much like the sniping going on at a certain Western Canada blog, yes? You see? We are all the same.


They’re traitors here, too


  2. I guess those disaffected nationalists will have to find themselves another Quebec secessionist party to vote for! Ha!

  3. I think it was Chantal Hebert who said that the presence of the Bloc in Ottawa is in part the reason why Quebecers haven’t succeeded in separating from Canada.

  4. It’s humorous that there is a blog on comments from a blog

  5. So does this mean the disaffected nationalists are going to separate from the Bloc?

  6. Watch it, Mytwocents, I might just blog your comment about there being a blog commenting on blogs. Dammit, now I have a headache.

  7. Can’t we all just get along ?

    Rodney King … where are you when we need you ?

    errrr …. right. Getting the crap beat out of you.

  8. I can’t remember his name but one of the Quebec reporters that appears regularly on Duffy Live said the BQ support goes down when they are seen to be helping government of the day. No idea if that’s true or not. And Marois is saying today that Quebec will be winner if Coalition takes over because they will be ‘get things’.

    I wonder if Canadians, Ontarians especially, will ever change their mind about subsidizing Quebec like we do now and start focusing solely on their interests like Quebecers do.

  9. Yet another reason why, if the Dion Triplets wish to seize power, they MUST face the canadian people first in an election.

    If Steffie wants to become PM he must do it the old fashioned way – win an election.

    He lost the last election so badly his own party wants to kick him out in MAy.

  10. The West should tremble in fear of the day Ontario starts acting like Quebec.

  11. It’s hardly surprising the one can find “several ardent nationalists” who are ranting about it on some obscure blog. There’s been some ranting here, too. Is it news? No.

  12. It seems that Three Stooges got way ahead of themselves. As far as I remember only very small percentage of Canadians voted for the three stooges in last federal elections. In Canadian parliamentary system Canadian voters vote for the candidate whose party affiliation is not even mentioned on the election ballot.

    There was no vote held so far in House of Commons that would indicate that current government does not have support of the majority of elected Members of the House of Commons. Quite to the contrary House of Commons recently voted on the Throne Speech and majority of MPs supported it, therefore there is no factual basis to any of the nonsense contained in the letter addressed to Governor General and signed by Three Stooges.

    It just blows one’s imagination that people so detached from reality could get elected and go to become leaders of their respective parties.

  13. This is going to evolve into the biggest constitutional crisis in Canadian history. Before it is over, we will have an election and the vast majority of voters outside 416 and Quebec will have voted for the Conservatives. The Separatists will be delighted as it will lay the basis for the next referendum.

    We will then be able to thank (?) Stephane Dion for helping the separatists have another shot at a referendum.

  14. “It will be able to do whatever it wants to the government for two years. Dion will be at Duceppe’s mercy.”

    Well, if Dion’s still at his mercy two years from now, someone at whatever university he’s teaching at by then will likely be quite upset.

  15. Forums of “le québecois” and Les Cowboy Fringants? Put on par with the Western Standard?

    Dude, that’s just cold!

    But I can’t decide for whom it’s the most demeaning… Meh, they deserve each others.

  16. “Yet another reason why, if the Dion Triplets wish to seize power, they MUST face the canadian people first in an election.

    If Steffie wants to become PM he must do it the old fashioned way – win an election. ”

    There have been 13 Conservative/Progressive Conservatives PMs in Canadian history.

    Nearly half (6) never won a general election as party leader and became the PM through other means.

  17. Finally! Something Albertans and Quebecers can AGREE on! Already, this coalition is working.

  18. Two Cents writes: “Yet another reason why, if the Dion Triplets wish to seize power”

    Dion Triplets! That’s pretty funny, actually.

  19. Jenn writes: Something Albertans and Quebecers can AGREE on! Already, this coalition is working.

    Canadians and Albertans, surely.

  20. Man, those signatures look like they’re written in sanskrit. Except for Jack Layton’s

  21. Well it’s no surprise. The longer the Bloc sits in the Federal parliament the harder it would be for them to go. Beginning with the Parti Quebecois we have had the complaints of Quebec ringing loud in parliement. That’s what they want, ultimately. And when that voice is heard, that the constitutional changes of Trudeau were crap, that culture needs support in government policy, that the Federal law has to be understandable in all provinces (and the federal government is now making all federal common law easily interpretable according to quebec civil law to ease bi-jural difficulties). Well these are the concerns of all Canadians, and so the work of the Bloc tends to Unify. As in the Left (as we see today) but not just there. As long as they stay they will be rooted in Canadian history and the liberals and conservative parties with such control over the media and provincial control over education, have made their part of the electorate ignorant. So…everyone likes the bloc because they remind us of important things. The ‘hate-on’ over seperatism does not work potently against them. It’s Quebecers themselves, who still must assert language rights and other rights cause they are linked to the past, who upset other Canadians in one-to-one experiences. Yet even this, is just a reminder of how government is us.

  22. Hey, does anyone want a really good laugh? Click on the link to truemuse’s web page and read the letter she sent to the Governor General.

  23. coyne crisis,
    I usually get the last laugh. you can bet that if m. jean doesn’t do what Harper requires that she will face personal lawsuits from Canadians. the reserve power is an obsolete power. I didn’t vote for Harper, I’d like nothing better than to see him retire to private life, but I don’t want a new government at any price. None of the parties of the left have platforms that make more inclusive, socially forward and economically responsible policies that are an answer to the policies of Harper. Let them adjust their policy and attract more voters to their side before they get a chance to govern.

  24. truemuse: 1. She cannot be sued for her decisions as Governor General. 2. Her reserve powers are not obsolete. 3. Party platforms are irrelevant to the decision the Governor General will be making.

    And really, if I were the Governor General and I got a letter like that, I’d throw it in the trash. Your letter had the double flaws of being rude AND stupid. I mean, look at your other letter – you ask Global TV to retract a statement from Michael Byers. That’s idiotic.

  25. coyne crisis,
    1. in this unprecedented situation the GG can take advice from anyone. My letter to her is advice from a Citizen whose right to vote will be nullified if she countermands the democratic authority of either the Prime Minister or the Chief Justice. 2. Her reserve powers are most definitely obsolete. Her office has reserve powers and ‘powers of reservation’ to send legislation back to England for review. By former Prime Minister Robert Borden’s scholarly writing in 1922, the GG’s powers of reservation were obsolete. They have not been exercised since. The GG’s reserve power to dismiss a Prime Minister and form a new government has not been used since the King/Byng affair in 1926. What, then, is your definition of ‘obsolete’. The political tactic to dust off an old relic of our colonial legal inheritence is illegal though of course we have been bombarded in the media with the sophomoric opinions of academics like Michael Byers who are not competent in constitutional law to comment on such an unprecedented political situation. 3. If you think party politics is irrelevant to this GG you are in dreamland.

    I think rudeness is called for. That GG takes herself way too seriously. And as for global TV’s response, you may have noted all the media outlets first contradicting themselves about history and finally in the 4th newsday putting together more informed journalism for the public. Global is no exception and I’m sure my letter together with the huge volume of others received makes a difference.

  26. Anyone notice Duceppe’s signature kinda looks like chicken scratch?

  27. CoyneCrisis:
    Thanks for pointing out the link to Truemuse’s webpage – It provided many laughs!

  28. Truemuse:
    Perhaps you should do your homework before embarrassing yourself on such a large scale. The GG cannot be sued for her decisions. As CoyneCrisis pointed out, your letter has the double flaws of being both rude and stupid – you also failed to proofread it for spelling and grammatical errors. Your ‘I think rudeness is called for’ comment speaks volumes.

  29. to the moderators…..
    you are slow.

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