They're watching you! -

They’re watching you!

Swiss government takes on Google


Have you ever had that hair-raising sense that hidden eyes are watching you? Well, it’s probably Google. And the Swiss government is not happy about it. On Friday, Switzerland’s privacy watchdog announced it would ask a national court to force Google to make significant changes to its Street View service, which permits users to view street-level pictures of cities on the Internet. “The height from which the camera on top of the Google vehicle films is … problematic,” says federal data protection commissioner Hanspeter Thuer. “It provides a view over fences, hedges and walls, with the result that people see more on Street View than can be seen by a normal passer-by in the street.” In a statement, Google said it was disappointed by the Swiss agency’s actions and intends to “vigorously contest” the suit. But Switzerland is not alone in its fight. Greek and Japanese officials have also raised objections to Google’s privacy standards.

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They’re watching you!

  1. I love the comment on Thatcher feasting on coal miner blood. As if the British government owed the coal industry a living, and the fact that coal is considered to be the leading cause of CO2 emissions means that the state shouldn't be subsidizing it anyway!

    Just goes to show, protecting jobs held by left wing people trumps all other social, economic, and environmental considerations.

    • Oops wrong story…

      Just goes to show, rabid partisans leap before looking…

      • I accept and deserve that.

    • Whoops, somehow this ended up here instead of under "Gawking at a Cat Named Thatcher"

      • it's allowed here once in awhile all of us uber partisans get a little click happy

  2. Have you seen what the Swiss serve in their McDonalds restaurants? They(the Swiss) should concentrate on that rather than worrying about Privacy invasion. A picture is worth 1000 words. If the Swiss government were a little less concerned with hiding bank accounts the world would not be on the Financial roller-coaster binges which serve only to fatten bankers and financiers "secret wallets"