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“They’ve arrested the giant bunny”


AA Gill is funny.

AA Gill is smart.

I’m jealous of AA Gill.

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“They’ve arrested the giant bunny”

  1. Excellent tip Andrew. I too am jealous of AA Gill! Two separate articles on the same topic that shared only one or two commonalities. One funny, one serious political analysis.

  2. His writing is lively and engaging, yet I detect a cynical eye. White van men and special pleading groups indeed.

  3. You want cynical, check out his book about England, The Angry Island. Funny, but dark and itself very angry.

    He’s a great writer.

    • I will take your advice. Thanks.

  4. Whao – ok if it’s advice, then I’d go with AA Gill Is Away, his book of travel writing. Much funnier than the book about England, IMO.

    • I agree – every article in there is worth reading. I even read his restaurant reviews because they are so (not funny, but something that is like funny but better)

    • Geez, now I have to buy two books — and we’re in the throes of an economic disaster!
      To top it off, you’ve started a jealousy contagion: you’re jealous of Gill and I’m jealous of you. I wish I had the analytical capacity and writing skills of an Andrew Potter.

      • Aww that’s sweet, thanks. But of course, deep down we all want to be Feschuk.

        • What? Deep down, even Feschuk wishes he wasn’t Feschuk.

          • Don’t be too ‘jealous’ now, because when Potter said “jealous”, he meant “envious”… ; )

  5. The bunny must have been using Duracell.

  6. I am becoming concerned about the level of protest of late. What is happening to this generation – when we (I am 56) as a sub-culture dropped out, turned on and eventually ended up in 12 step programs we combined humour and a take it to the barricades, power to the people philosophy. But what have we got of late. Sad and obviously very frustrated left wing nuts insulting the right on web forums? is that it .. is this why we fought Nixon and the american military industrial complex? Where is the MUSIC? That’s what I want to know back in the 60’s the music led the way – remember 1,2,3,4 what are we fighting for – don’t ask me i don’t give a damn next stop Vietnam 5,6,7,8 etc etc. older inquiring minds no longer clouded by the purity of youthful ideaology (common sense took over) want to know?

    • The protests are no longer effective because the establishment no longer has any shame.