“We will not give up”

After 11 days of relative calm, thousands hit the streets of Tehran


Thousands of Iranian protesters flooded the streets of Tehran today in a blatant show of government disobedience. During the uprising, which came after 11 days of relative calm in the capital, protesters chanted “Down with the Dictator,” “God is Great,” and “Mouss-a-vi.” Police were out in full force in packs of 50, wielding batons and administering tear gas. And though the government disconnected cellphone messaging for the third straight day, they could not contain the thousands who turned out to protest last month’s election results. “Tell the world what is happening here,” said one 26-year-old student. “This is our revolution. We will not give up.”

New York Times

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“We will not give up”

  1. Now that takes guts.

  2. It's happened countless times, and not so long ago in Iran as it happens, the people cannot be resisted when they believe they are right. Many die, but the people will always prevail. As a message to the ruling class in Iran, remember this famous quote "resistance is futile, you will be assimilated".

  3. How could help but admire these people? I have personal contact with the Persian community in Toronto and these people are no one's fools, that is for sure !!!! In Dubai, the Persians have risen to completely control the business class. Their focus and determination is remarkable. Deliver that knock-out punch people and then please, please, show us the way to bring about change here. It is desperately needed. Complacent Canadians continue to allow themselves to be driven into the carpet, without so much as a whimper. God speed !!!!

    • Are you serious? Comparing Canada and Iran? Only a Lib-Leftie could be this ridiculous!

      • I'm about as non-Lib-Leftie as one could get. It's pinko, fascist crap that is burying this country and the public let's it happen. History has shown that once socialists gain power, the fascism kicks in. Trounce descent. Just because we don't fall into the dump in one shot, changes nothing. It's called incrementalism. In the very recent past we've seen the Civil Remedies Act completely remove the requirement of due process for the state to permanently seize assets, we've seen the Supreme Court approve of the cops distributing information about people acquitted of crimes, we've seen state acceptance of police using wire-taps without warrants. How much more do you need? We have what appear to be fair elections, but nothing ever changes? The ruling party takes some lumps for ripping us off more and then once the new party is in power, the spoils are too sweet to eliminate. It's all a scramble to see who gets access to the cash register. Paranoid? Just you watch where this goes.

  4. I don't think Canadians are being "driven into the carpet" – i.e. our elections are free and fair – and therefore, we're lucky enough to not have to take to the streets and fight with the police. If Iran was one of the best places in the world to live, as Canada is, I'm sure they'd be a lot more "complacent" too.

  5. How can one not admire such courage and determination in the face of tyranny and violence? Good luck to all the brave Iranian protesters!