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So Wayne went a bit crazy and put up fivecountemfive posts about what we can learn about sports, ethics, and life itself from the call that cost Galarraga a perfect game. Give them a read while you’re waiting for France-Uruguay to start, it’s all really interesting stuff.

And since you might have some time left over, why not read Declan Hill’s submission to the Council of Europe about how to save the soul of sport as we know it. Hill, you’ll recall, is the author of the acclaimed book The Fix. Acclaimed, that is, everywhere except the pages of the Globe and Mail, where John Doyle dismissed it as “lacking credibility”. Speaking of credibility, Doyle also believes that concern over diving in soccer is nothing more than a sign of North Americans’ “small notions about manliness and sportsmanship”.

Right. That would explain why, since 1999, FIFA and Uefa have been on anti-diving missions, with both organizations asserting unequivocally that diving is cheating. It’s because they are in the thrall of small-minded Don Cherries in North America.

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  1. Speaking of "lacking credibility" how has Stackhouse continued to tolerate the half-assed/fully-mad ramblings of Doyle in his television column? Reading Doyle is always a jarring experience, akin to tuning into the nightly news with Peter Mansbridge only to watch him riff loudly and erratically on how Lady Gaga "totally sucks".

  2. Life is too short to be worrying about Doyle at the moment. The World Cup is finally starting!!!

    Who do you fancy to win it all, Potter or anyone else?

    Ancestors from UK, so I always support England but it's not the same as supporting Canada. I enjoy watching the Dutch, so I hope they win it this time around but they always seem to find a way to cock it up and lose gloriously.

    Spain's looking good as well but I think there will be too much pressure on them and they will lose in semis.

    • North Korea has already achieved glorious victory!

    • i think argentina will have a srs shot at it this year. and brazil of course. but i am dyed in the wool oranje and I too hope they can finally pull it together.

      • I don't know what to think of Argentina. If they had proper coach, and not that lunatic Maradona, I think Argentina would be favourites because they have awesome players. Can Argentina win despite their coach?

        I am hopeful about Netherlands this year. The Oranje did not fall out with one another during their preparations over the past few weeks, which is an achievement for them, so maybe they have their act together this year. I am hopeful. I also placed small bet on Van Persie winning golden boot.

        • that is the key. he looks so crazy on the sidelines. the players are so damn good that i don't think he can screw it up. we will see.

          as far as oranje, i am sure they can still all into some good arguments over who takes the free kicks. but there is so much offense there that if they keep scoring at the clip they have been in the qualifying and friendlies they should all have satisfied egos. i was at the last friendly against hungary and they looked bloody good up front. over here right now everyone is firmly int he camp of we just need to score one more goal than our (soft) defense gives up. i actually think they can.

  3. You are right John Doyle is a tool, but in all fairness, FIFA's and UEFA's statements on diving have been inconsistent with their respective actions. They are, as they say, talking out of both sides of their mouth. Have been for years.

    I have not read The Fix (not a big conspiracy theory guy), but I have seen Declan Hill do many interviews and he just doesn't seem that credible. I may well be wrong on this, but to me he comes off as a little self serving (not quite a narcissist, but getting there) and for me that undercuts his message.

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