Obama’s Ottawa visit — in pictures

A photo gallery of the President’s historic stopover


Obama’s Ottawa visit — in pictures

Click here to see the photos from Obama’s Ottawa visit.

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Obama’s Ottawa visit — in pictures

  1. It was a remarkable day for Canada. For once in a long time, our nation’s pride was on full display ranging from the beauty of our historic parliamentary buildings to the beauty of a Canadian winter. Prime Minister Harper rose to the occasion, and made us proud via his words and his deportment. We were spoken to in a respectful tone, and respected for who we are as a people and a nation who’s identity is carved from merit and not childish anti-American sentimentality. We are Canadians, different from our southern friends, and distinguished in our very own special way. I believe this is the image that President Obama took with him as he left for home. Viva la Canada, libra!

  2. Viva la Canada, libra!

    That’s like, wrong. in four different languages. A record, I believe.

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