Thomas Mulcair wins NDP leadership race -

Thomas Mulcair wins NDP leadership race

Winning on the fourth ballot, the candidate from Quebec becomes leader of the NDP, and of the Opposition


After four ballots and a long day of voting, at the NDP leadership convention in Toronto, Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair won the race to succeed Jack Layton as leader of the NDP. On the final ballot, Mulcair edged party strategist Brian Topp by a count of 57% to 43%. In doing so, Mulcair became the seventh leader in the federal party’s 50 year history. On Monday, he will take his place in the House of Commons as leader of the opposition.

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Thomas Mulcair wins NDP leadership race

  1. Soooo, “the only true progressive party left in Caanda” wound up electing another old white guy to lead the party, when the progressives could have also selected an a) old white woman, b) a young white woman, or c) a younger white guy turned Sikh? Shame, NDP voters, SHAME!!!

    • Progressiveness is a state of mind, not an age, sex or race, 40.  Get with the program.

    • Got a problem with white people, do you?

    • Let’s see, Four Zero Mike Mike has made a racist, sexist and agism comment, but that’s okay because it’s made against an old, white guy. Try making that type of comment about any group other than an old white guy and it would be an outrage! Four Zero Mike Mike maybe will someday realize that racism is racism.

    • It’s the 21 century why would the candidates race and gender matter at all? basing any political decisions on that is illogical, choose the candidate you reasoned would be the best fit.  

    •  The NDP membership chose a leader based on merit, the need to hold and build on their Quebec seats and the desire to finally win government. As it turned out that person was a middle age white guy. Their front bench will clearly contain some first rate women like Nash and Ashton (who may lead the party one day) and the Deputy Leader is Libby Davies.

      I see no problem.