Thousands expected to attend rally to demand Rob Ford’s resignation


Thousands of Toronto residents will head to Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday with a message for Mayor Rob Ford.  The gist: “You’re not fit to be mayor.”

Stand Up for Toronto — Let’s Demand Rob Ford’s Resignation has been described on Facebook as a peaceful event organized to let Ford know that many people would like him to resign.

Organizer Chris Wright has stressed on Facebook that the rally will focus on Ford’s political record. “Everyone will have their own ideas as to which are the most egregious offences, but everyone in attendance will agree on one thing — Rob Ford must resign as mayor,” he writes. He encourages attendees to leave chalk messages in the square, sharing visions for a better Toronto.

The event was posted earlier this week in reaction to the ongoing crack cocaine video scandal plaguing the mayor and city hall. As of Friday afternoon, more than 21,000 people had been invited. The creators of online petition Fordmustgo.com are expected to attend with hard copies of their letter addressed to the mayor.

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Thousands expected to attend rally to demand Rob Ford’s resignation

  1. Unions-check, Occupy-check, Dippers-check, Pravda (CBC)-check, TASS News Agency(CTV)-check there that should do it………..

    • I had no idea Edmonton was so far behind the times!

      • Thanks for reminding me Komarade E, al-STARzeera (To-Star)-check, Izvestiya (Globe and Mail)-check, Librano’s Prov-Fed-check,

        • Update your calendar dude. You’re a quarter century out of date.

          • So what do you care, Comrade? The calendar should matter as little to a committed leftist as the truth does. Now form up boldly in your ranks and prepare to punch out volleys of dramatic slogans tomorrow as you follow the Star (I mean the Red Star, of course, not any supposed weak Toronto imitation of it, although you might be excused for having been confused there) to seize Nathan Phillips Square tomorrow. And if there only turns out to be half-a-dozen of you, please don’t have a big ideological fight over who’s going to pay for the doughnuts as you wage your strenuous class warfare :)


            You’re either drunk or crazy…..and seeing as this is TGIF it’s probably both.

          • Funny how those were the first two choices that sprang to your mind, Comrade. Projection is a terribly self-revealing thing. ‘Drunk; and ‘crazy’ will get you far in the Party, though :)!

          • LOL That’s because most Cons are either one or the other….often both.

          • I rather like how disarmingly self-revealing your comment on another thread here was, Comrade Emily: “I want a technocracy now. We need people who know what they’re doing, to run things.” And, ahem, do you envisage yourself as being part of that glorious ‘technocracy’ elite or just another interchangeable ‘worker drone’? Please feel free to elaborate :)

          • It would help if you knew what a technocracy was.

            LIteracy is your friend.

          • It is indeed, even if it’s not yours :)!

            I see the Ottawa Sun has a short piece on your Toronto Soviet meeting at noon today, which includes this: “The page for the “positive, respectful and upbeat” protest encourages
            attendees to bring sticks of chalk to scrawl their opinions in the
            concrete at Nathan Phillips Square, turning it into a political
            “canvas.”..” If I attend with my chalk, as requested, and leave a number of prominent messages thanking Rob Ford (the non-Soviet people’s choice at the last non-Soviet election) for his FINE work at City Hall, will the kiddies you are gathering there promise not to rub them out? I am aware that you will be practicing Soviet-style ‘democracy’, which I understand has different rules on ‘freedom of expression’, there :)

            BTW, which do you think is the best approach to revolution in this city: Your attempt to instal a Soviet via a flash-mob of committed and dedicated non-Saturday shoppers via Facebook or the TORONTO STAR’s apparent attempt to pull off a political coup by means of blunt journalistic force? You’re obviously an experienced ‘insider’ – I’d be interested in hearing your opinion on the relative merits of these two apparent approaches to overturning the democratically-expressed will of the citizens of this city…

          • Take your meds, Mary…..you’re talking gibberish.

          • Ah, Comrade Emily – the perfect socialist response when asked a question that the Party has not yet provided you with the ‘correct’ answer on. Better double up on the jam in those doughnuts – you’ll probably need the extra sugar to handle all of the glorious revolutionary excitement at Nathan Phillips Square at noon :)

    • Another Tea Party North mouthpiece shows up to audit the proceedings.

      • You were planning on going, too? I didn’t see you there!

        • I’ll be the one in the Guy Faux mask. And if you’re suggesting I’m a Tea Partier, I’d be offended if the idea weren’t so fall-down-laughing hilarious.

          • ‘I’ll be the one in the Guy Faux mask.’ – ‘Guy Faux mask’? The Left spouts cliches and wears them too :)? And, no, calm down – I wasn’t suggesting that you are a ‘tea partier’ – you don’t strike me as being intelligent enough for that!

          • Thanks for the compliment. Tea Partiers’ kind of “intelligence” I don’t want. Their kind of “intelligence” has an element of self-destructiveness about it that puts the Republicans’ chances for political success into free fall, even with Obama’s recent gaffes. Tea Partiers’ “intelligence” is the kind that prompts the GOP to circle the wagons and shoot inwards.

            You don’t have to believe me on that. Just ask any “sane” Republican. Or check any credible American poll.

            Thanks for coming, though.

    • Please add: mandatory check to ensure only people without a job are allowed to attend rally.

      Also, don’t forget to tell these bums to bring their own chalk and please try to avoid making hop-scotch games on the sidewalk. The sidewalk is strictly reserved for serious political messages only!

  2. Although Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto,

    Some have said that he needs to resign,

    But he says that he’ll stay,

    And to get out of his way,

    Because he thinks that he’s doing just fine.

  3. I think Rob Ford should stop by and cheerfully hand out copies of the infamous missing ‘crack video’ which the TORONTO STAR has been apparently basing virtually this ENTIRE phony ‘scandal’ on. Of course, to accurately reflect the ‘convincing evidence’ that the TORONTO STAR actually has on this, the videos will all have to be BLANK! Nice attempt by the leftist totalitarians to overturn the results of the last election, though – if you can’t win at the ballot box, call in the mob! It would be funny if it wasn’t so earnestly left-wing and pathetic.I now regard the TORONTO STAR as the being the city’s very own laughable leftist comic strip as a result of all of this :)!

  4. ‘He encourages attendees to leave chalk messages in the square, sharing visions for a better Toronto.’ – Hold on, Chris, that’s getting to be a bit excessive! Half of these left-wing dupes probably can’t even write, never mind think for themselves! Better to get them to stick to chanting slogans instead :)

  5. From the Facebook page announcing this fervent leftist ‘event’: “…I think it’s still a wonderful opportunity for a bunch of concerned citizens to get together and join their diverse voices in the hopes of achieving a common goal. Strong leadership for our amazing city!! ” – Right! Where is Stalin when you need him :)?

  6. Mayor Ford, the public is behind you. We, like you, want rapid transit and do not want to pay $15K in transit expansion taxes per household to help Liberal friends keep their perks at Queens Park. Ignore the disgruntled labour and LRT lobbies.

  7. Hey, Emily, I’m just packing my camera and chalk to leave for Toronto’s historic meeting of the First People’s City Soviet, but then I thought “That Comrade Emily is so naive and yet has been so sweetly helpful in steering me through the current Party dialectic on this issue that I really should heip her out in return!” So, Comrade E, just in case you get “chalk block” at the Big Moment, why don’t you memorize this cute little slogan: “Overthrow the revanchist paper tiger, Rob Ford!”? I’m sure that the other participants will only be able to draw pictures of ‘running dogs’ and such stuff so you’ll probably have exclusive rights to that! Okay, now I’m off to your Glorious Triumph Of The Proletarian Masses meeting! Watch out, though – there’s always a Trotsky present to sully and spoil any attempt at pure People’s Socialism! See you there :)

  8. Watch out for my own chalk slogan, kiddies :)!

    “The pen is mightier than the sword,
    But NOT when the STAR tries to topple Mayor Ford!”

  9. Hey, ‘STAR NATION’ – what happened?! There are only a few hundred people here at Nathan Phillips Square and the majority of them seem to be either journalists, tourists or people here for the free music event! Virtually no scraggly-beard leftists or their free-love female hangers-on that I can see, not in any quantity anyway! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REVOLUTION?!!! Has it been postponed? This has turned out to be as damp a squib as the TORONTO STAR’s infamous unobtainable ‘crack video’! First I find my time wasted by the TORONTO STAR’s apparently ersatz ‘journalism’ on this ‘scandal’ and now the promised People’s Soviet, complete with its creatively diverse ‘chalk scrawlings’ of an envisioned glorious new ‘People’s Toronto’, doesn’t materialize? What on earth is HAPPENING in this city? At least you can always depend on the MAYOR to carry out his promises! Comrade Emily, where are you – I need a doughnut!

    • HA, well – what can one expect from a leftie protest. They certainly aren’t known for their math abilities.

      However, in defence of lefties – it can be said that once you are surrounded by a critical mass of ass it becomes impossible to see anything else. Thus, 10 asses becomes 100 or 1000 or 10000 as they simply can’t see anything else and can’t comprehend that a world exists beyond their limited vision.

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