Thousands rally to bring NHL back to Quebec City

Federal government still hasn’t said whether it will pledge $180 million for rink


An estimated 50,000 people gathered on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City in a rally to support the return of the Nordiques. The province and the city have so far agreed to fund an NHL arena in the Quebec capital—something the NHL considers a prerequisite for the Nordiques’ return—but the the federal government has yet to indicate whether it will pony up the remaining $180 million needed for the rink. Among the former Nordiques who attended the rally were Marc Tardif, Michel Goulet, Stéphane Fiset, Steven Finn, André Savard, André Dupont, former coach Michel Bergeron and the Stastny brothers – Peter, Anton and Marian. A handful of politicians were also on hand, including Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe, Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois, assorted Conservative MPs from Quebec and Liberal MP Denis Coderre, who wore a red Montreal Canadiens jersey to the event.

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Thousands rally to bring NHL back to Quebec City

  1. if Harper pays for this I will be severely pissed.

  2. Why should the Federal goverment give any money to Quebec for this? Edmonton is looking for a new rink but the feds have said no to helping them out. this the same old same old, Quebec gets the silver spoon and the rest of Canada gets nothing. I am sorry but if Quebec wants a new rink, keep the federal govermet out of it, why should the rest of us Canadians pay for it?

    • So whose asking and who's promsing anything save some speculation in the press? Your francophobia-xenophobia is showing .But then some folks just love to take pot shots at Quebec, including this rag.

  3. "Liberal MP Denis Coderre, who wore a red Montreal Canadiens jersey to the event."
    amazing troll

  4. So the Colorado Avalanche will come back to a city that didn't support them first time around.Some owner somewhere will relocate his team to a city that pissed away their hometeam by non support.This would be more meaningfull if they sold 50,000 season tickets at the rally,but alas it is just another scam for taxpayers dollar s by merde politicians.

  5. I'm sure that when J G A Creighton thought up the game of Hockey, he thought it should be played in places like Miami, FL and Phoenix, AZ…

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