Threats to daughter an "honour crime," judge rules -

Threats to daughter an “honour crime,” judge rules

Prominent Ottawa Muslim given a year in jail for threatening to break girl’s legs and kill her


Is Yusef Salam Al Mezel an angry Muslim determined to submit his daughter to religious dogma? Or merely a desperate father trying any means to keep his family together? An Ottawa judge leaned toward the former yesterday in sending the 44-year-old to jail for a year after he threatened to kill his 23-year-old girl and break her legs after she fled an arranged marriage. The decision seems sure to stoke the debate over so-called honour crimes, which Islamic leaders contend are rare, or overblown by stereotyping media. Judge Lynn Ratushny was having none of that, saying Al Mezel caused his daughter “to fear for her safety in the name of honour,” adding: “He has committed the crime of harassment against her in the name of honour.” The case has gotten extra attention because Al Mezel is a prominent figure in Ottawa—head of the city’s taxi union; a candidate for city council; and founder of the mosque he attends. His 23-year-old daughter was to marry a Syrian man, with a dowry set at $9,000.

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Threats to daughter an “honour crime,” judge rules

  1. Give the judge the highest honor award our country has

    • Agreed, except I'd add the 'u' in honour. Now we need to know whether this man had a son who would be honour bound to do the honour killing his father is unable to do himself–or brother, uncle, etc.. I really think this is an area where stiff sentences really might act as a deterrent, unlike so many other types of crimes. At least awareness that a Canadian parent's recourse for unruly adult children is disenheriting them, having nothing more to do with them, and/or withdrawing financial and emotional support. Killing them is not an option!

  2. i know all the mental disorders on the left will scream but who are the effing morons who have allowed people of his mentality, just like the Ft. Hood coward to immigrate to and help ruin a beautiful country. Pandoras box has been opened and this ocuntry will never be the beautiful country it once was. Before the idiots scream, I am not anti=immigrant as, at one time or other we were all immigrants however we at once time had the brains to keep out those who would destabailize our society. Allowing people to nurture their own culture here is madness. If you don't want to be a traditional North American–eff off. It won't happen of course but that just means we will eventually morph into the type of country they left where different groups hate each other. So much for diversity. Yes, it works with lots but we have allowed the cancer to come in and rot the healthy. We could have prevented all of this with tougher questioning and adherence to our laws. Lefist whiners are largely to fault.

    • Please allow me to be the first screaming idiot. Yes, we lefty whiners are such famous opponents of women's rights.

      As a Canadian of partial eastern-European descent, half my grandparents were considered by many of their day to be a "destabilizing" influence.

      I agree it would be horrible if Canada became the type of country where different groups hate each other. Imagine if the righties hated the lefties . . .

  3. I think you should leave your daughter do what ever she want to do without one word ……its bylaw so no one have honour

  4. they shouldn't use the word honour to refer to barbaric behaviour …what if he went to jail and gets an honour beating?

  5. There is no room for this stone age mentality on our culture. Sorry cultural Marxists,especially the apologists who write for the Star, but this garbage will not stand.

  6. Judge Roy Bean,

    The great undercurrent which is threatening our society is a phenomena called political correctness or cultural marxism. here is a breif decription: "political correctness" actually dates back to the Soviet Union of the 1920s (politicheskaya pravil'nost' in Russian), and was the extension of political control to education, psychiatry, ethics, and behavior. It was an essential component of the attempt to make sure all aspects of life were consistent with ideological orthodoxy – which is the distinctive feature of all totalitarianisms. In the post-Stalin period, political correctness even meant that dissent was seen as a symptom of mental illness, for which the only treatment was incarceration.

  7. Political correctness can be seen in Ontario, where secular Marxists want to abolish the separate school system. It can be seen in Cuba where citizens are tossed into prison for voicing negative opinions against the state. It can be seen in any form of legislation which threatens the nuclear family thus making us less fertile and more dependent upon immigration.

    • in Ontario's last election they made secular education a big issue yet they continue to fund the Caltholic school system…..don't make sense to me and I aint no Marxist …either scrap that or have the same rights for all

    • What the hell are you talking about? So, it is now only politically correct to NOT kill your daughter? Or are you trying to say that killing your daughter is the only politically correct thing to do? Give your head a shake.

  8. One more Liberal voter goes to prison.

  9. I am all for religious freedom. Freedom to believe what you want, worship or not as you see fit. However, religious freedom is like having free speech, it has limits. Being Canadian means that we do not have to follow the wackos on the right, the left or religous dogma. We get to use common sense to make decisions and choices. This father of this adult woman cannot physically make her do anything and attempting to, or threatening her, is a violation of Canadian Laws and the judge sounds like he made a common sense decision. Way to go!

    • Hear, hear!

  10. what they want is that immegrants should leave their honour behind the boarder if they wish live here…………………………………..

  11. @ Ralph. – I 2nd that. Give the judge a medal.

    @ Joe – what we want is that immigrants should know the difference between right and wrong, understand that true religion is what goes on in your head, not what you force others to do in its name, and not inflict one's beliefs on anyone, irrespective of their relationship to you. Don't like that? Go live in the 3rd world backwater you came from. Thats a choice I will gladly support you on should you so choose.