Three arrested in alleged Al-Qaeda bomb plot in Norway -

Three arrested in alleged Al-Qaeda bomb plot in Norway

Norwegian residents said to have ties with terrorist group


Three man have been arrested by Norwegian police in connection with an alleged al-Qaeda bomb plot. According to the head of the Norwegian security police two of the plotters were arrested in Norway and one in Germany. The three men, a Uighur from China, an Iraqi and an Uzbek, are all Norwegian residents and have reportedly been under surveillance for a year. “We believe this group has had links to people abroad who can be linked to al-Qaeda, and to people who are involved in investigations in other countries, among others the United States and Britain,” said Kristiansen, the BBC reported.

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Three arrested in alleged Al-Qaeda bomb plot in Norway

  1. This is why selective immigration is important. I too am an immigrant, but my family came to Canada to have a life free of oppression and cruelty, not to change or cause harm to Canada/Canadians. We were grateful to be here and we adapted to the customs and laws, rather than trying to change them.

  2. Islamists are perfectly welcome to live in the 7th century in Muslim countries, they could put up a wall around themselves and stop selling oil to the civilized world since they won't need the money – Westerners must encourage Muslims to do this, an idyllic 7th century lifestyle awaits.

    • "….an idyllic 7th century lifestyle awaits."

      Replete with 21st century nuclear arms technology.

      Ay…there's the rub.

  3. The big question remains, why are we taking in thousands and thousands of immigrants from violent societies like this every single year, especially now that we're starting to see that terrorist cells are taking root in Canada, as a result of past immigration from these same areas, e.g. "The Toronto 18".

    Do we want Canada's future to be like Pakistan's present?

    The revelations by the director of CSIS, of foreign influence on our politicians explains a lot about why Canada's destructive and dangerous immigration policies remain in place, year after year. I'd like to know how many politicians, public servants, union leaders and journalists on on the take from foreign front organizations to promote the idea of mass immigration or at least ignore the issue?