Three horses die in chuckwagon race at Calgary Stampede -

Three horses die in chuckwagon race at Calgary Stampede


Three horses are dead and another injured after an ugly crash on Thursday in a chuckwagon race at the Calgary Stampede. The horses guiding Chad Harden’s wagon crumpled about half-way through the race and Harden was tossed out of his seat. Two of the horses were euthanized on the track.

Video of the race is available here. A tearful Harden told reporters that “We love those horses. The outriding horse is an 18-year-old horse, I’ve had him for 13 years. He’s part of our family, he’s supposed to be my kid’s horse.”

One of the horses that died had helped Harden win the event in 2009.

The chuckwagon event features wagons pulled by four horses. The wagons must complete a figure-eight around two barrels before doing a lap around a track. In 2010, six horses died in chuckwagon events.

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Three horses die in chuckwagon race at Calgary Stampede

  1. More glue for me!

    • The lead horse died of a brain aneurysm. Your empathy is underwhelming.

  2. If they must have this race can’t they somehow make it safer? Is that not possible?

    • They could make it safer the same say we could make our streets safer – don’t let anyone drive.

      Life is full of risks, and sometimes bad things happen. Learn to live with it. We shouldn’t ‘bubble wrap’ our kids, let alone our livestock.

  3. It is unfortunate, but accidents happen. I would inagine that a person could die in an extreme race as well.

    • What if you died in an extreme race, but rather than ever being given the option to participate or not, someone else had simply “volunteered” you? Would that be a case of “accidents happen,” too?

      • Before I answer, I will say that, while I am humoring you, and going along for the sake of this question with the idea that animals are equal to humans, they are not.

        The answer is, absolutely, that would be an accident. And before you go off on how unfair it is that the horse didn’t have a choice (you are assuming, by the way. Most race horses love it) I will submit to you that it is unfair that I have to work. I would rather sit on the beach and have someone bring me icy drinks all day. The fact is that life is unfair, and most people, let alone animals, don’t get to decide every aspect of their lives.

        I hope I answered to your satisfaction. :) Cheers.

        • You have. Many thanks.