Three-person IVF could fight disease -

Three-person IVF could fight disease

Might help moms with genetic disorders have healthy kids


Scientists at Newcastle University in the UK have made embryos with DNA from a man and two women, a technique that could help mothers with rare genetic disorders have healthy kids, they say. Published in the journal Nature, their research’s goal is to prevent damaged DNA in mitochondria, which powers the cell, from being passed on by the mother, the BBC reports. While IVF clinics aren’t currently allowed to carry out the procedure, about one in 200 kids is born each year with mutations in mitochondrial DNA; in most cases, it results in only mild disease that sometimes does not have symptoms. But about one in 6,500 kids is born with mitochondrial disease, which can cause sometimes fatal conditions, like muscular weakness, blindness and heart failure. The Newcastle team made a total of 80 embryos, cultured for up to eight days in the lab, and is planning further studies.


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Three-person IVF could fight disease

  1. I really wish the philosophers would do their job, step in, and provide some guidance for scientists who seem to be operating without any objective ethical guidelines beyond "we can do it" and "society doesn't currently mind".

  2. Absolutely horrific.. we will now have babies (perfect ones) with 3 parents .. math like this 2 part male 1 part female..
    now isnt this another incredible monstrosity .. coming out of the UK — those folks are short on novelties.. are they.. what a weird bunch of minds..– dangerous however.– and what would the child be told as she/he grows — you have 2 dadies and one mommy.. but you are perfect . no problem..
    This is the height of 'science gone mad' —
    hopefully someone will stop these men/women..
    Eistein when asked before dying how would he compare science/mankind today .. the great man said
    "it is like having put a hatchet in the hands of a madman'.
    My thoughts exactly..
    wait however === careful a monster is not produced.. .. just by mistake… can happen right….