Three volunteer firefighters charged with arson

Spate of fires in N.B. town occurred prior to firefighter fundraiser


Three volunteer fire fighters are among five people arrested in Doaktown, N.B. in connection with a series of arsons of unoccupied buildings—three of which occurred in 2009, just prior to the annual fire equipment fundraisers breakfast. Two of those arrested are veterans of the 18-member volunteer department in the town of 900. The buildings they are charged with setting fire to include a vacant historic house and the building that housed Bill Bob’s Bar.

National Post

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Three volunteer firefighters charged with arson

  1. Does not sound like New Brunswick we know. The community which is great must be truly ashamed of these individuals.

  2. My cousin owned Billy Bob's at one point. Sad but Doaktown has always had some shady doings a transpiring,… Seems like they watched Backdraft one too many times

  3. To Guest, Do you think where you live there is no SHADY doings????

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