Three-year-old Keinan Hebert returned to family

Police and public urge suspect to come forward


A three-year-old boy was safely returned to his family on Sunday in Sparwood, B.C. after he was missing for several days and presumed abducted. Kienan Hebert disappeared after being put to bed last Tuesday night. The boy was returned home early Sunday morning, allegedly by the suspect in his abduction. On Sunday, Keinan’s father, Paul Hebert, tearfully told a press conference that “Kienan is happily home and he’s playing with his brothers and sisters.” He also thanked the person who returned his son to the family. Meanwhile, Sparwood’s mayor urged the suspect, 46-year-old Randall Hopley, to turn himself into police. Local RCMP also urged Hopley to come forward, addressing him directly by saying that “it is very, very important that we speak to you right now.” Police received a call at 3 a.m. on Sunday telling them that Keinan would be at his family’s home, which was empty at the time. Upon their arrival, the boy was sitting alone beneath a blanket on a couch.

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Three-year-old Keinan Hebert returned to family

  1. With all the hype around this situation, and the fact the boy was taken from his home in the middle of the night and returned in the middle of the night, someone must have a key to the home, which is making me wonder if this whole thing was… a HOAX! Now, they can’t find Hopley, the supposed abductor, or his car! I figure someone wanted to off the guy because of his past and wanted their little town to get some Exposure! I have a bad feeling about this whole situation, just seems kinda, weird! Don’t you all think so too? The boy is returned unharmed and not scared or frightened or freaked that someone he’s never met in his entire life took him from the only home he’s ever known then brought him back unscathed and unafraid! Makes no sense to me. Maybe I over think things, but I’m not convinced this was a true abduction! See More

    • I too find several things just a little odd about the whole situation.  Why wasn’t the family in their home? I know what it takes to go away with 3 small kids – and yet they are off staying somewhere else with 7?  And why wouldn’t you be home? – what if the little guy had been dropped somewhere close and wandered home – think I would want to be there to greet him!?  Didn’t see a lot of coverage but Dad seemed calm and cool and pretty assured that Keinan “would be returned” – NOT that he would be found. Kudos to the RCMP and all the volunteers.  I have a feeling there definitely needs to be a closer look at this one. 

  2. thank god he is home safe. as to un-convinced most ppl in small communities rarely lock doors and this needs to change as a person who grew up and still visits family in a small town I see it all the time my own sister hadnt locked their back door in over a year when I last visited in june I had to remind her its only a 5 hr drive to toronto where she is. there r bad ppl everywhere no matter how small the town u live in  everybody needs to lock there doors at night everywhere period. had the door been locked keinan might never have been touched.

  3. I ditto un-convinced.

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