Throw the Liberals from the train -

Throw the Liberals from the train

Local opposition politicians say they were barred from the PM’s speech in Saint John


Transport Minister John Baird told CTV’s Question Period on Sunday that the prime minister would travel to Saint John to update Canadians on the progress of his government’s stimulus program because he wants to talk to “real people right across the country.” On Monday, local Liberals found out that meant everyone but them. According to reports, opposition politicians, including Moncton MP Brian Murphy and New Brunswick Liberal MLAs Abel LeBlanc and Stuart Jamieson, the latter of whom was designated by the provincial Liberal government as its official representative at the event, weren’t allowed into the Irving-owned machine yard to hear the PM speak. “It certainly doesn’t bode well for good relations when you get treated like that,” Jamieson told the Telegraph Journal. But Conservative MP Rodney Weston, who won the Saint John riding against Liberal incumbent Paul Zed last October in one of the closest races in the country, insists that it was simply a question of security. “If people wanted to attend, they had to be on a list.”

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Throw the Liberals from the train

  1. Oh, sing with me,

    He has a little list, little list,
    and If you're missed, you're missed.

    And what you want, it matters not
    Content yourself with what you got

  2. Harper's making a list. He's checking it twice. He's going to find out if you're a good Canadian or left-wing ideologue.

  3. So now Liberals are a security threat!!
    Cumon! Surely they coulda checked their guns and shoes at the door and been asked not to yell: 'you lie'!!

  4. How ironic.

    Who put this whole dog and pony show update scenario into motion in the first place?

    Michael Ignatieff.

    Wonder if Harper has sent him a "Thank You" card for providing these opportunities for national publicity?

    • Ask the folks waiting in line at a food bank if this is a dog and pony show.
      Ask the unemployed if this is a dog and pony show
      If all Harper is interested in is publicity opportunities, then yes – this is a dog and pony show., HarveyMushman.

      • Harper's interested in exactly the same thing Iggy and Layton and Duceppe and May…and every other politician is interested in, first and foremost.

        Getting elected.

    • yeah, a lot of folks thought that Iggy really scored one with these 'report cards'…. not well played at all.

  5. Well, what would you expect from two of the most paranoid and elitist groups in the country. Harper and his inner circle and the Irvings. Man the smell of sulfer and brimstone must have been worse than usual. Everyone missed the big story here however. No one made comment on the fact the the rail line being used as a back drop recently got a huge chunk of government money and is owned by guess who…the billionaire Irving family. That stimulous money got out at the speed of light. Of course that fits with neocon reality. Taxpayers money should only go to the wealthy. After all they'll look after our best interests. Harumph, not those unemployed peasants wanting EI benifits, bloody guttersnipe, don't they know their place?

  6. Well, PM Harper is a lot more "open" than he used to be. He's developed into quite the media darling lately, but, being a bit slow in something, he hesitates to adopt all the social graces at once. Why open up his accountability report to a LPC side-sniping show. The magnificent Igneutered One still languishes in the wings (on the Left), awaiting his recovery from political impotence.

  7. "…insists that it was simply a question of security. “If people wanted to attend, they had to be on a list.”

    BS the CPC used this strategy for most of last year's campaign….well wishers only, thank you.

  8. Harper's making a list. He's checking it twice. He's going to find out if you're a real Canadian or a left-wing ideologue.