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Tiger attack in Germany

The dinner show goes awry


An animal trainer was attacked by three tigers at Hamburg’s Hagenbeck Zoo’s “dinner show” on Tuesday. Some 150 guests were tucking into their four-course meal when three of the five tigers in the show jumped the 28-year-old man who was putting them through their paces. They reportedly bit into his head and upper body, and he lost part of his left hand. Some other circus employees used hoses and fire extinguishers to push the big cats into a corner, and then got them back in their cage. Two doctors who happened to be in the audience tended to the badly injured man. The show’s director said it wasn’t a “malicious attack.” Police judged the incident a “workplace accident.”

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Tiger attack in Germany

  1. The 150 guests who paid for this type of entertainment – THE ENSLAVEMENT OF A WIDE ANIMAL are responsible for all the pain innocently inflicted by these wild animals on people because of MONEY … you are disgusting human beings.