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Tiger hires George W. Bush’s spokesman

When Woods returns to the course, Ari Fleischer will be there with him


At some point—this month, next month, whenever—Tiger Woods will return to the golf course. And when he does, the reporters will be waiting for him, full of uncomfortable questions that have nothing to do with his putting stroke or his short game. Which is why Woods has hired Ari Fleischer, George W. Bush’s former presidential press secretary and a guru in the field of image repair. Fleischer, who clashed with the White House press corps between 2001 and 2003, was reportedly in Tiger’s house this week, talking strategy for a planned return to action at the Arnold Palmer Invitational March 25. Now a highly paid consultant, Fleischer’s client list includes juiced-up slugger Mark McGwire, and the Green Bay Packers, who sought his help on how to deal with the fallout over the team’s nasty split with star quarterback Brett Favre.

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Tiger hires George W. Bush’s spokesman

  1. Tiger only has to worry about his first tournament back. From then on, unless he relapses — and he will, let's face it — the conversation will be focused on his game rather than anything else. Of course, entrepreneurial "friends" of his might want to take advantage of the publicity surrounding major golf tourneys to "speak out."

  2. Fleischer worked wonders for Harper, can't harm a philandering golf pro..

    But does it cost Tiger the same 24 500 per?

  3. Am I the only one who thought Tiger should have said right from the start, "It's none of your business unless I do it on the golf-course during a tournament. It's between me, my wife, and the many, many, many women I've slept with."

    • Agreed…..

    • He needed to do it for the endorsements. Sponsors are not going to back someone who cheated on his wife but never apologised. That's what this is about.

  4. Does this mean Tiger will only speak to Fox News ? Good.

  5. Ari Fleischer? Tiger must really need some "heavy duty" spin control on this one. I guess poor little Tiger needs a more palatable label than "sex addict". So what better than a top notch political press secretary who was in a profession where truth is always the first casualty! Tiger, do us all a favour – quit golf & take up acting in Hollywood where your Casanova & drama King lifestyle are a perfect match! At least I would have the choice of avoiding your movies. I could then watch the true "gentleman's game" of Golf without having to look at that manipulative, egotistical, philandering, & self-serving mug of yours!

    • "gentleman's game'? do you think those not-so-famous golf players, are themselves, completely clean? come on!

  6. Shouldn't he be getting some more experienced with this kind of problem? Mr. Woods isn't evil, just horny. Who did Clinton get?

    • Didnt Clinton have a behind the scenes image saver?? Think her name was Hillary wasnt it??

  7. tiger woods ….you could have hired me….if this dude does' nt pan out the way it should be done, call me!

  8. Just once I would like to hear the other side of this whole Tiger Woods thing. Maybe he was driven to other Woman? Maybe, just maybe, his Wife is a real Btch? It is possible!

    • Lets assume his wife is real female dog, that gives ol` Tiger the right to go tom catting around on his wife ?? Nooo… That excuse is as old as mankind, It just tries to justify the persons actions…If your marriage is that bad,, end it, then go and do as you please…..