Tiger sighting?

Rocked by sex scandal, Woods is reportedly ready for a comeback


The world’s greatest golfer (and arguably worst husband) is reportedly planning a return to the golf course later this month. According to an Australian newspaper, the man with 14 major championships—and even more mistresses—will emerge from his hiding place on Feb. 15 for the start of the Accenture Match Play tournament near Tucson, Arizona. Woods, who has checked himself into a sex rehab clinic, has not been seen since the end of November, when reports began to surface about his many extra-marital affairs. Neither his management company nor the PGA would comment on today’s report, but with the Masters just two months away, Woods could use the extra strokes.

Melbourne Herald Sun

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Tiger sighting?

  1. ha balls, will travel

  2. tried to watch golf last weekend….it does not matter who was playing…with out tiger woods there is no golf on television…even the course look blaaaahh! get back on course tiger woods…stronger then ever!

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