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Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegen make divorce official

Break-up comes less than a year after golfer was caught cheating


Tiger Woods is officially single. The golfer and his now ex-wife Elin Nordegen were officially divorced on Monday, some nine months after a bizarre car crash prompted a steady stream of revelations about Woods’s extra-marital affairs. Terms of the divorce weren’t released, other than the fact Woods and Nordegen are expected to share custody of their two children.

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Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegen make divorce official

  1. Who cares?

    • Corey Pavin for sure. Nike. AT&T. Tiger's friends and fans. His ex's friends and family. Cut the guy some slack. He is a rare human who re-defined excellence in a sport with no small number of truly great predecesors. Few have fallen so far so fast for so small a transgression…ask Bill Clinton how it worked out for him.

    • Most single males who've seen Elin Nordegen.

      And probably a fair number of married ones as well…

  2. she gets lot$a money–she wants to be done with him–deep down she fell out of love –WATCH–in an respectable time she will be dating tall-goodlooking men..poor tiger–he did do wrong –and she could have forgiven him..BUT–the rich girl has her freedom.

    • wtf????? yeah she deserves blame here….zeessh

  3. I could care less about this. I just hope he doesn't make the Ryder Cup. For years he acted like playing in the Cup was the ultimate inconvenience. Now, realizing that no one will cut him any slack and his career wouldn't survive accusations of being unpatriotic, he's trying to portray the team player. Later, jerk.

  4. A multi millionaire by the age of 30 – Tiger should never have married. He should have just enjoyed his celebrity with all it's perks.
    Why Elin married him is a mystery. She could have had anyone she wanted.
    I don't feel sorry for either of them. They are rich, attractive and will find love easily again…I feel for their children.

  5. Elin had help on the home front – her law firm is where her sister Josefin, a corporate lawyer, works, in London. So Elin was lucky in that she got sound advice from one who really wanted things to be in her best interest, though Josefin does not normally deal in divorce. I believe Elin is the strong and silent type; she remained relatively stoic, and she deserved as much as she could get, given that endless bimbos continued to rise up from the media's ashes. I will bet that Elin feels happy and free and will focus on she and the kids and perhaps not even date for awhile – she can affod to be fussy. She may focus on completing her University and doing hobbies and sports that interest her – just having some happy fub for awhile. Congratulations Elin – but this is one very sad day, too, for a man who had such a gift and squandered his self respect and the respect of his public away.

  6. Should have kept his pecker in his pants

  7. ….this nanny played it smart…real smart…and now she is happy but with out any wood in her life