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Tiger Woods released from hospital (Updated)

Golf god in car accident early this morning


At 2:25 a.m., Tiger Woods was pulling out of his driveway when he hit a fire hydrant, and then drove into a tree on his neighbour’s property. He is in serious condition in Health Central Hospital in Orange County, Florida. His airbags didn’t deploy, so Woods could only have been travelling under 33 mph. Rumours that Woods has been cheating on his wife have recently been making the rounds on the Internet.

UPDATE: Woods was released from hospital in good condition.

Orlando Sentinel

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Tiger Woods released from hospital (Updated)

  1. Guess he should have used a different driver.

  2. Um, I dont usually cut celebs a lot of slack. However this report says he was in an accident and then goes on to say he was cheating on his wife. Well, now that we have run him and his family though the mud, is the populous any more well informed…about anything..dear God, have you all no shame.

  3. I would like to suggest that this "accident" happening now, while he is under suspicion of adultery is… suspicious.

  4. This is a non issue, so what. I am a Tiger fan. i am so tired of media feeding on nonsense, let the man live his life.

  5. Ooh, rumours have made the rounds on the internet! Well, if that's the standard for a reliable source these days…

    I heard on "the internet" that the chief editor of Macleans was a bottom for a bull manatee.

  6. apparently his wife was teed off

  7. his wife wanted to take up golf, but 2:30 am is an odd time to be hitting the woods

  8. it's a two stroke penalty for smashign a car window