Tim Hortons apologizes for blocking gay and lesbian news website


TORONTO – Tim Hortons has apologized for blocking a gay and lesbian news website from its free in-store Wifi networks.

The popular Canadian coffee chain was facing an online backlash Friday after it was revealed that it restricted customers from accessing Dailyxtra.com, the online home for the free newspaper Xtra that’s distributed in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

When the publication asked that the site be unblocked, assuming it might have been blacklisted in error, it received an email stating the site was “not appropriate for all ages viewing in a public environment.”

“We try to ensure that all of our guests can enjoy a safe and pleasant experience when visiting us. We look at all of these types of requests in detail in order to provide the most latitude we can while keeping our restaurants a friendly environment,” reads an email from the address timhortonswifi@timhortons.com, which Daily Xtra forwarded to The Canadian Press.

“While there is no way to change this decision, we can assure you that it was not an easy decision to make.”

On Friday afternoon a few hours after Twitter users began promising to boycott Timmies spokeswoman Michelle Robichaud apologized on behalf of the company and blamed a third-party service provider for the error and the resulting miscommunication.

Dailyxtra.com “shouldn’t have been blocked, in fact we’re working on unblocking it, it may already be unblocked, it should’ve never been blocked in the first place,” Robichaud said in an interview.

“We certainly appreciate when people bring this kind of stuff to our attention and the statement made by our WiFi vendor was made in error.”

Daily Xtra publisher and editor-in-chief Brandon Matheson accepted the apology and said Tim Hortons made the right decision.

“I think they’ve resolved the situation in a proper way. We had customers at Tim Hortons complaining to us, their customers complaining to us that they could not access our site,” he said.

“I know the issues around third-party filtering are problematic at times, so if that is what was responsible, and after Tim Hortons actually learned of the situation they stepped in and corrected the matter, then certainly they took the appropriate steps.”

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Tim Hortons apologizes for blocking gay and lesbian news website

  1. I should think so! Shame on Timmies!

    • ^…& this why us Americans mock you Canadian!

      • You mock Canadians for not being homophobic and somehow you see that as a “win” situation? I’ll just be over here feeling sorry for the people who know you.

  2. On one hand It’s Tim’s WiFi and good on them for blocking the site. On the other hand they have proven themselves weak for caving to the PC Gestapo and allowing this site to be viewed in a public and family place.

    • You call people who requested that Tim Hortons desist in its arbitrary censorship of a gay news site “Gestapo” when the actual “Gestapo” persecuted and killed homosexuals. How heavy is the rock you crawled out from under?

      • OK I’ll refine the comment. Instead of Gestapo I’ll call them fascists or National Socialist, or for that matter Communist. Why because all three limited one from free speech, like you.

        • You are irony challenged and politically confused. You are the one who is advocating for suppression of a web site by a coffee shop.

          • No, I say that Tim Horton’s by being a private company who is voluntarily supplying a Wi-Fi service has every right to block any site it wants from it’s service. You want the gay stuff, go elsewhere.

          • Do they block porn sites? Probably not. Political sites? Cat sites? Religious sites? Who makes these decisions?

            Do they want to insult all their gay customers with this nonsense….no, businesses like to make money. Gays are a big customer base.

          • Maybe they blocked those sites too. Besides one to two percent of the population is not that big of a customer base.

            Also who decides? The owner of the site decides. The site isn’t paid for with our taxes but by Tim Horton’s therefore they can block any site that they want.

          • It’s not one to two percent….don’t make stuff up.

            Money is money John….maybe they should block your religious and political sites.

          • Emily, I’ll refer you to the Statcan site:

            Sexual orientation (updated)

            I’ll concede your right 2% is to high Statcan is saying it’s only 1.1%.
            Besides I don’t go to Timmies to use their Wi-Fi, only to pick up the occasional coffee.

          • Statcan has no clue, since LGBT people don’t give that kind of info to the govt…..but even NatPost ….the Con paper…..puts it at 5%.

            It’s more like 10% or better, but I’ll go with 5 just for you.

            So at a minimum you can figure 5% of 36M people.


            Plus all the people who would boycott the place on behalf of LGBT people…..everybody has gay people in their family.

            And use your head….why allow porn sites, but not a gay news site? It’s not up to Timmies to ban news.

            Timmies figured out the situation right smartly….and fixed it.

            It’s time you learned your beliefs can’t be pushed on other people.

          • Wrong Emily I have the right to say what ever I want on this matter. However I’ll go with the Gov’t stats on this one, you can dismiss the facts if you want to.

          • Well we have hate speech laws John, so I suggest you be careful

            Now take your fingers out of your ears, and stop with the lalala….you can’t force your beliefs on other people.

          • Actually hate speech doesn’t apply to my comments, but your attempt to suppress my right to speech can be interpreted as a threat, so you should be the careful one. Besides I’m not enforcing my beliefs, only stating them. You, however are trying to force your beliefs on me along with an undercurrent of a threat which takes me back to my original comment. Thank you for proving my statement.

            By the way where do you hold your Bund meetings, or should I say Comintern?

          • LOL you have no idea what the hate laws say John, so don’t pretend.

            And ‘free speech’ has restrictions on it….which you’d know if you ever read the charter.

            In fact, ‘private’ sector or not, Timmies cannot discriminate. It’s illegal.

            This is the 21st century John….so upgrade your calendar and your antique references.

          • Perhaps you should read the section of the criminal code that applies, and not crap Con things like the Sun

            I’m sorry John but this nonsense isn’t going to work.

            Continue with your TGIF without dragging us into it.

          • Now try Section 319 of the Criminal Code and stop being an idiot

          • So explain to me how my statement promotes hatred towards an Identifiable group.

          • Everyone on this site has seen your homophobia John. It’s even been suggested you’re in denial. LOL

          • Looks like you’ve resorted to the grade school level of reply. Pity.

          • LOL riiiight….with you talking nonsense post after post.

            Look John, this kind of crap just doesn’t work anymore, so turn in your handbook and go watch tv

          • The first sentence of your comment describes you

          • Topic please….I’m not it.

          • You don’t debate you simply throw personal insults that makes you the topic.

          • I don’t ‘debate’ settled matters, no. And I don’t debate anything with knuckle-dragging mouthbreathers.

            If you don’t like my posts….don’t read them, simple as that.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • LOL ahhh the tough guy who thinks sexism answers everything.

            How old are you? 15?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Anyone as anti-gay and anti-women as you are is likely in the closet, so perhaps you ought to be honest with yourself, and end the inner conflict.

            But in any case, I don’t talk to the Ignoranti….Ciao

          • Oh boo hoo! Cry me a river, you stupid bitch

            Seems to me the only reason why you are gay is because you can’t get any real dick. HAHAHA

          • Emily fits in the mode of poster than is so over the top that they likely are not gay but playing “gay” on the internet

          • Or maybe she is gay but refuses to accept she brought it on herself. It is a lifestyle choice afterall

          • FAIL

            Surprise! It’s is the 21 century! And 20 years of fag propaganda can’t change thousands of years of evolution, PERVERT. You would know that if passed basic high school biology

          • Gays have been around since day one, boyo….which you’d know if you got past grade 9.

          • Same goes for pedophiles, rapists, theives, murderers, etc.

            What’s your point, pervert?

          • Nice try, but you ain’t fooling anyone. Sounds like the GLBTs want special treatment…& here I thought they wanted “equality”.

          • that’s rich coming from someone who thinks people from west of the Ontario border shouldn’t be allowed an opinion, emily

          • TEN percent? Are ye daft?????

            That lie came from the intentionally false spin on the Kinsey studies back in the early 1050’s. Gay activists in San Francisco were recorded LAUGHING that the lie they had concocted about “Ten Percent” was actually being bought, hook, line and sinker, by so many idiots. Kinsey, in contrast, stated ten percent OF HIS SUBJECTS were gay – laughingly high since Kinsey was, himself, gay and selected a disproportionate portion of his test subjects from his little party crowd.

            And here we are in 2013 with you (and other fairy dust believers) either actually believing The Ten Percent Myth themselves, or (worse) still lying about it and trying to sell the lie.

            Pretty pathetic either way.

          • Nailed it!

          • Actually the NatPost pins it at 5%….and no one was ‘laughing’ at anything. You religious whackos lie like rugs.

          • So, you rely on data from a newspaper yet poo-poo an official statscan figure.

          • Check where the NatPost data came from

          • Nope don’t have too, I’ll rely on Gov’t stats. Beside all news media outlets go over the top in their reporting.

          • Dearest Gay Gestapo Representative

            1. Is there some evidence you have to label me as “religious”, or are you simply a bigot and can’t help but label people?

            2. Sorry if I defer to more reliable sources than those you cull from The Gay Times. But, you go right ahead and wallow in your ideological ignorance if you wish. For gays it certainty IS true that “ignorance is bliss (well, other than that pesky AIDS thing …)

          • Emily:
            1. So you are SPECULATING (i.e., ASSuming) those other sites are not blocked. Typical.
            2. You believe gays are a big customer base? REALLY. I know facts and reality are anathema to gay activists, but, anyway, here you go: The best survey done in the USA (by the Center for Disease Control) concluded gays (adult male) represent only 2.6% of the adult male population; females about 1% less. A similar (albeit less thorough) survey done by the Canadian government concluded similar, though slightly lower, percent gays in Canada. THIS you believe to be “a big customer base” ??????

          • Tell ya what, hon…..go to a Timmies and try it.

            Otherwise, stick with what the article says.

            PS….and we’ve already done the gay % of the population

          • Yeah, but spreading AIDS & other deadly STDs. Amazing how for 2% of the population, your “community” is the biggest demography with STDs. Pathetic.

          • SIXTY PERCENT of all new AIDS cases —- arising from a miniscule 2.6% of the population! One would think there was some divine intervention involved!

          • Dearest Em:
            1. We do not know each other. Therefore I am NOT your “hon”.
            2. So are you saying, regarding the scant percentage that is gay, “the science is settled”, or are you saying YOU “settled” it in your omnipotent wisdom, or are you saying you have been shown to be clueless about the topic and do not care to embarrass yourself on that topic any further?

          • I’m saying I don’t talk to the Ignoranti….so you and Anonymous and Bob etc can take your red herring spam gimmick elsewhere….it’s old and it’s boring.


          • … as the wombat scurries away into “her” little hole in the ground, tail between legs, exposed for the intellectual midget and moral mess she is ….. yet again.

          • Ah so now actually admit to being a Satanist. I guess that explains your entire Gay point of view.

          • LOL sorry, Satan is a christian concept.

            Back to your beer.

          • Then it’s also a Jewish and Islamic concept. If you don’t believe then why did you bring up the term? Perhaps a closet Christian?

          • I didn’t bring up the term…..I was quoting RCQ_92130 as you’d know if you’d clicked on the url.

          • Even for you, it must be clear that “Christian” is a proper noun and should be capitalized (regardless of the depth of your despair).

          • Flattering that you are infatuated, as you so clearly demonstrate.

            But – trust me – I am not interested in disease, bugs or corporal corruption. In short, you are barking up the wrong tree.

          • EmilyOne- I want to apologize to you for my obviously brain damaged fellow citizens. Trolling a news article about the advocacy of human rights within the LGBT community by spurning them and making homophobic comments that are so thinly veiled as political debate is pathetic. Furthermore, launching a personal attack at someone who firstly never disclosed their sexuality (and shouldn’t have to in order to validate their opinion) while also telling her that making personal comments about others makes her argument invalid is even more pathetic. Stop measuring what you think is length and girth. Not only are the rest of us painfully unimpressed, but we feel sorry for you.

            Lastly, I’d say less than 50% of the people I know are heterosexual. Most of my friends and family are either bisexual or gay. I am a heterosexual, married mother of two. For me, having so many LGBT friends is completely normal. If you are straight, that’s awesome and you have every right and freedom to it. Don’t act like denying someone else the natural state of their own sexuality if it isn’t the same as yours is your God-given right. Mind your own business, and if you don’t want to see it, stop staring over people’s shoulders in Tim Horton’s.

            After all, I find homophobia disgusting and sad, and I really shouldn’t have to put up with seeing it, or reading about it, because it’s painfully offensive. So shut it and take a seat.

          • Homophobia is a matter of ignorance. As people become more educated it disappears. Things are at least much better now than when I was a kid. As the vid says, ‘it gets better’.

          • Any enemy of gays is a friend to me. If they block your little pedo sites likes NAMBLA & Butterfly Kisses, then they’re alright with me, unless your OK with perverted adults going onto child porn sites, in that case, may you rot in hell

      • What John is saying is, when Tim Hortons decides to censor the internet content in their restaurants they’re just exercising their right to “do whatever they want” like the good folk they are!

        And when others exercise their right to criticize Tim Hortons’ decisions they’re just uh….Nazis.

        • Heh….yeah, seems to make sense to John, anyway

          • It’s his own business, it’s PRIVATELY-owned. He has the right to run it as he please. If you fascists don’t like it, then get your WiFi elsewhere


          • No, sorry. Canadian businesses are not allowed to discriminate. It’s illegal.

            Or would you like to go back to ‘whites only’ restaurants?

          • Question: Since when is blocking a website considered “discrimination”?

            Get Real. No one is being discriminated against from going to his coffee shop or using his wifi. You faggies need to get over it.

          • After reading your comments Emily it becomes clear to me why you only spent five tears in the CAF. You must have had a few dates with the old SIU.

          • Nothing is clear to you Bob. Ever.

            It’s those blinders you have on.

          • So were you released quietly or did get thrown out of the CAF?

          • Blinker Bob and his Herring Hamper….LOL


          • LOL nice cop-out bro

            Are those the best insults you can come up with, faggot? Pathetic

          • I think he’s right about you…seeing how you have a huge chip on your shoulder. LOL Poor dyke, couldn’t get herself a real man so she resorted to being gay out of desperation.

          • *crickets, crickets*

            You still haven’t answered my question Emily: Since when is blocking a website considered “discrimination”?

        • No, lenny, don’t be silly.

          People earn the “Nazi” description only after a very long, consistent and unremitting history & pattern of hate and bigotry. It took the Gay Gestapo several DECADES of hate and self reproach to earn the title. Tim Horton would have to live 1,000 years, and be perfect in all-out hate, to equal that record.

    • Heh. Nice display of homophobic bigotry there.

      • Thanks Jake, I always try to express myself in a non PC fashion.

      • He doth protest too much methinks.

      • Jake: disagreeing with what you demand we think and believe makes people, in your hateful and bigoted mind, “homophobic and bigoted”?

        R E A L L Y ??????????

        • Homophobia is word faggots use to justify their perversions.

      • It’s a known fact: Buggery is responsible for many of the US & Canada AIDS cases. The “gay” lifestyle sure seems like a healthy one….NOT


  3. This is why I buy my coffee at Starbucks.

  4. I read this on the CBC site he says it far better than I can tonight:

    Rier2691 Guest

    Rank 3741

    I checked the website at the centre of this story. It features, among other things, a link to “Toronto’s Ultimate Mixed Sex Party”, which takes the reader to an advertisement for an event that features “Spontaneous Orgies and Private Sex Booths on the second floor”, “Spontaneous Exhibitionists shows & Orgies, a “Clothes Check”, as well as an open invitation to anyone “Everyone 19+”. Hardly the sort of material one should have to tolerate being prominently displayed on someone’s computer screen in a family venue where children or other sensitive or vulnerable viewers may be present.

    It would have been better for everyone involved, even if it cost them some business, if Tim Horton’s had stood their ground. I doubt that the kind of people who would attend a party of that kind are the kind whose business I’d particularly want.

    It is more than profoundly regrettable – in fact, a sign of the deeply damaged and abraded culture we now live in – that Tim’s (or any third party responsible for monitoring the contents of the material available on its Wi-Fi) should have to feel pressured to apologize for screening such trash. We live in a world turned upside down

    • Well nummy, didja type in ‘big boobs’ or ’50 hot chicks and an orgy’ or ‘wild and…..

      All of them are available

      Yer just miffed cuz it’s about LGBT

      • SICKENING. Where’s some hamas when you need them?

      • So you’re OK with children viewing pornography? You are one sick fuck!

    • Canada is being taken over by freaks & tyrants. Go figure. Seriously, if Canadian people don’t start developing some guts, the entire Gay Mafia will destroy any fabric left of responsibility & free will.

  5. Guess I’m different but I actually go to Timmies to interact with real Flesh and Blood humans not stare at a computer

  6. good, now take the msg and nicotine out of your coffee

  7. I don’t understand the apology. They explained the site was not appropriate for general viewing … and certainly that is true. Is it not the case that we are FORCED to expose our children to whatever sexual and prurient content anyone wishes to push at them? Whatever happened to ‘protecting and nurturing our children’ ????

    • The GLBTs are perverts. They want children to view that sick twisted stuff. It’s all about SEXUALIZING the children. Why do you think they praise organizations like NAMBLA so much?

      Canada is being run by tyrants.

    • I bet the guy was bullied. That’s how the Left shows its “tolerance”

  8. His Wifi, His Rules. If the Gay Totalitarians doesn’t like it, then they can go elsewhere for their coffee. That’s Tim’s own business. He has the right to run his own Internet as he see’s fit.

    I for one am sick of the GLBTs trampling their rights over other…nothing but a bunch of bullies. Tim should have told the perverts to buzz off!