Tim Hortons raises its quarterly profits 1.5 per cent

Price increase and new food options, major contributors


Investors were relieved Thursday when Tim Hortons reported a 1.5 per cent increase in quarterly profits, even amid rising commodity costs. Price increases and the company’s line of new products, including the popular fruit smoothie, were the main contributors to its 10 per cent revenue jump in its second-quarter results. Profits climbed from $94.1 million dollars last year, to $95.5 million dollars this year. Net earnings rose from 54 cents per share to 58 cents per share.

Toronto Star

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Tim Hortons raises its quarterly profits 1.5 per cent

  1. Derp? I thought their revenue just went down something like 10%.

    • Are you confusing franchisee revenue with parent corp revenues maybe? Remember, the “Always Fresh” system, (which actually means par-frozen) requires higher payments for materials from the franchisees to the parent corp. Supposedly the franchisees make that up in reduced staffing costs, but there’s a whole court case going on about that now.

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