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Tim Hortons to open in Nunuvut

Iqaluit location will be farthest north


Tim Hortons, the unstoppable Canadian donut and coffee chain, is about to extend its reach further than ever before—this time, north of 60. The Iqaluit, Nunuvut location will open in December with a limited menu. The territory’s largest town has grown in recent years from 3,000 to more than 7,200 residents. Tim Horton’s hot drinks and baked goods will sell for about 50 cents more than locations in the south.

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Tim Hortons to open in Nunuvut

  1. Erm, it's customary to spell check the content, isn't it? It's NunAvut, not NunUvut.

  2. Good one. The worst is when they try typing Iqaluit… in place they tend to type Iqualuit or something. haha

  3. Is TH still Canadian? Wasn't it bought out by some US corporation?

    • it was,but it separated from the us company, it's located in Canada again

  4. the extra cost is actually for shipping, not defrosting, did you think that the stores would be unheated?