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Tim Hortons to take debit cards

After years of holding out, coffee chain announces change to payment policy


After years of taking your cash and credit cards only, Tim Hortons has now added the debit card to its payment repetoire. The well-known coffee and doughnut restaurateur said Tuesday it will now accept Interac debit cards for payment. This change comes as part of a contract renewal with payment processor Chase Paymentech Solutions. “Chase Paymentech works with Tim Hortons to evaluate innovative processing technologies that allow us to offer safe and convenient payment options to our guests,” said Roland Walton, chief operations officer with Tim Hortons. With some 3,700 locations across Canada and the United States, Tim Hortons is one of the largest restaurant chains in North America.

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Tim Hortons to take debit cards

  1. O.K. Will somebody help me out here please ? Both my Wife and I have paid with our Debit cards at Tim Hortons, so I'm really confused (which can be easy for me ) with this article…any takers ???

    • Up till now, its been utterly rare that a Tim Horton's accepts debit cards…you've been lucky if you've been able to use yours before.

      • I do not Know where you are located , but It must be a B.C. thing, my wife has been to all four locatons in our City and used Debit (I am a cash man .) I also contacted a friend in Northern B.C. and his family uses Debit there also….

        • it's been introduced to the west for a while, Ontario and the eastern provinces are just getting it now.

  2. If you look at my debit card statement from July 2007, you will see 15 consecutive entries for a Tim Horton's restaurant near my office. I'm actually pretty proud of that.

    Pretty sure every Tim's I've been to in BC (and I've been to a bunch) takes debit cards.

  3. It's about time

  4. I worked at a Tim Hortons 10 years ago and we took debit.