Time for U.S. president to make up his mind on Keystone XL pipeline, says Baird


WASHINGTON – John Baird is in Washington today pushing for a prompt decision on the Keystone XL pipeline.

The foreign affairs minister is making public appearances with Keystone-friendly senators amid a string of meetings.

The message from Baird and the senators is that the Obama administration shouldn’t drag out the approval process any longer.

At one news conference, Baird said “decision time” is upon us, later repeating the phrase to emphasize the point.

When asked what else politicians can do to advance the file, Baird said there’s only one who can truly make a difference, and his name is Barack Obama.

Baird made the remark next to North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat who also expressed frustration over what she calls an unnecessarily lengthy approval process.

Heitkamp says it’s taken the U.S. longer to approve a simple pipeline than it did to defeat Adolf Hitler.


Time for U.S. president to make up his mind on Keystone XL pipeline, says Baird

  1. Why yes, telling the President of the United States to hurry up will work, I’m sure.

    It’s a wonder Baird didn’t say ‘boy’ while he was at it.

    • Besides, Obama doesn’t want USA to be successful and have Canadian oil without the blood in it. XL is a dream until Obama gets the boot.

      • That WAS stupid Dave.

  2. Shouldn’t the goal of diplomacy be do no harm?

  3. Give it up Baird. Get west coast pacific access, it even generates more revenue for Ottawa. Stop being a US puppet spewing what congress wants.

  4. The big oil puppets (conservatives if you didn’t know) need to get their heads out their butts and listen to what experts are telling them about the environment. It’s ridiculous to have people in politics with no credentials in their field to be making decisions. We need the best of the best to run this country or at the very least listen to what the best are telling them.

  5. Oooh…that’s gonna work John. I think you just ran the ball back into your end, if it wasn’t already there.