Tina Brown turns the page on reading


Having failed to save Newsweek and now planning to leave the Daily Beast, editor Tina Brown says she’s not much interested in reading magazines anymore.

“The habit has gone,” she told reporters in India this week, where she was speaking to a conference.

In fact, she thinks maybe reading’s time has come and gone altogether. “I think you can have more satisfaction from live conversations,” she said, explaining, according to the Hindustan Times, that society is “going back to oral culture where the written word will be less relevant.”

Or maybe the famed editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker just didn’t do a great job with Newsweek.

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Tina Brown turns the page on reading

  1. People will do less reading of books and magazines…..but they will be reading online. I have been a voracious reader all my life….but I’ve found in recent years that it takes too much time. I can google it….track down tangents and side issues….read what others have said on the subject…..even see an 18 minute TED talk on it. The rest seems like filler….padding….to make a book.

    We have a lot of information coming at us now….so we pick out the important stuff, go to point form or a short talk where people have to stay on topic and must hit the high points.

    ‘News’ magazines are waaaay too slow. They can do trends in society, or in-depth study of a topic….. but they can’t do news.

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