Todd Bertuzzi drops third-party lawsuit against former Canucks coach

Mark Crawford no longer liable for damages in Steve Moore lawsuit


NHL power forward Todd Bertuzzi has dropped his third party lawsuit against Mark Crawford, who was head coach of the Vancouver Canucks in 2004 when Bertuzzi attacked and injured St. Louis player Steve Moore, ending his NHL career. Bertuzzi’s lawyer, Geoffrey Adair, confirmed the development Thursday with The Globe and Mail. This means Crawford—now a TSN broadcaster—is no longer liable for any damages in Moore’s $38 million lawsuit against Bertuzzi and the Canucks. Moore is suing for lost income due to the premature end to his professional hockey career. Bertuzzi pleaded guilty to charges of assault in the incident, and has since been sentenced to probation and community service. Due to an exemption in the Canucks’ insurance policy, Bertuzzi is personally liable for any damages owed to Moore in the attack, which left him with a broken vertebrae and concussion, The Globe and Mail reports. Moore’s lawsuit is scheduled to be heard in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in September or October, depending on whether Bertuzzi remains an NHL player. The 36-year-old currently plays for the Detroit Red Wings.

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Todd Bertuzzi drops third-party lawsuit against former Canucks coach

  1. This is a heads up for anyone who thinks they are okay if they just “follow orders”.  Always do what your conscience and your ethical sense of ‘what’s right’ tells you to do because no one will have your back when the whole thing goes badly…..especially not the person who gave you the order.

  2. moore is a greedy pig. deserves some compensation but  38 million shows what a parasite he is

  3. Moore is owed some but not what he’s asking. If Moore had stayed healthy he’d probably be out of hockey by now and he was a 3rd-4th liner on his good days. No way he’d be commanding 38 million in his career. Give him what he was making times the number of years of an average NHL career and you’ll have reasonable compensation. But wait, 7 years of legal fees will eat that up so have to sue for more.

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