Tokyo’s “oldest man” actually dead for 30 years -

Tokyo’s “oldest man” actually dead for 30 years

Police discover mummified body of man lying in his bed


A man listed as the oldest living male in Tokyo actually died 30 years ago, Japanese welfare officials said after they found the man mummified in his bed. Police visited the home of Sogen Kato at the request of ward officials updating their list of centenarians ahead of Respect for the Elderly Day in September. They found the mummified body believed to be Kato lying in his bed, wearing underwear and pajamas, covered with a blanket. Japanese welfare officials had tried to meet Kato since earlier this year, but his family members repeatedly chased them away. Kato was born July 22, 1899, which would have made him 111. Tokyo police are investigating possible crimes on suspicion Kato’s family received pension money of the man and his dead wife.

The Telegraph

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Tokyo’s “oldest man” actually dead for 30 years

  1. anyone else read the headline and immediately think of the parrot?

  2. Well when you are suppose to be that old, wouldn't you look mummified too? How would they know if they have no one living to compare him with?

  3. in urelated news, Larry King, America's oldest person at 130, is set to retire from CNN

  4. I have to admit the title made me chuckle a bit but then when I read the story its kinda sad.