Tony at 50


Industry Minister Tony Clement celebrated his 50th birthday with party held at the Metropolitain Brasserie and Restaurant.


Conservative MP Julian Fantino.


Senate leader Marjory LeBreton (left) and Conservative MP Steve Fletcher.


Tony at 50

  1. Looks like the PM gave Tony a new flatscreen touch programmable display screen. I guess Tony picked the Foo Fighters screen saver.

  2. Looks like Tony has taken to heart all those comments calling him a useless lickspittle to Harper. Note the rebellion of Foo Fighters rather than a Stephen Harper approved Nickleback or Beatles shirt.

    Attaway Tony.. show'em you're your own man..

  3. Means he was born in 1961. I'm so ashamed to be sharing a decade with this… person.

  4. Phony Tony Baloney, you should rather be wearing a Goof Fighters T-shirt. It would suit you better, you wannabe.

  5. Talk about yer hipster doofus.

  6. As a voter I think I am entitled to dislike any politician who is willing to take any stance as long as it helps his/her career. Political stripes do not matter. There are plenty of PLC or NDP former and actual stars who inspired the same feelings in me. No partisanship here, just looking for basic principles… Still looking… (I actually liked Clement during the SARS crisis.) Btw, who decided to make that birthday public in the first place? For what purpose?

  7. Why should everyone need to know he's fifty? Isn't that prying?

    Also, how many toilets does he have?