Tony Clement behind festival funding cuts -

Tony Clement behind festival funding cuts

Industry minister has final say in allocating marquee events funds


Turns out it’s all Tony Clement’s fault if a variety of events didn’t get the funding they were expecting from the federal government. Richard Dicerni, deputy minister of Industry Canada, told a parliamentary committee on Thursday that Clement gets to pick who gets to dip into Ottawa’s controversial marquee tourism events program. So far, under the industry minister’s stewardship, funding to to popular festivals like Montreal’s FrancoFolies and Gay Pride in Toronto has been cut dramatically. Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez worries Clement’s role in attributing the funding comes with too little oversight. “We found out that the minister had carte blanche on nearly $100 million of public funds and he didn’t have to justify his decisions regarding these funds,” he said. “That is very worrisome.”

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Tony Clement behind festival funding cuts

  1. Steamboats don't pay for themselves

  2. So now Harper DOESN'T micro-manage all Cabinet Ministers?

    If Montreal's FrancoFolies and Toronto's Gay Pride are so popular, then they should have no trouble replacing gov't dollars with private sponsorship. Gosh, that might even be part of the reason funds were cut!

  3. It's also worrisome that the Federal government believes it should be spending $100 million on "marquee tourism events" in the first place.

  4. After all, he only has so much budget dollars left after spending this:

    The projects, which together represent nearly $1.3 million in new investments in the heart of Parry Sound, are part of the G8 Infrastructure Fund. The projects include:

    Upgrades to Seguin Street, including sidewalk and tree replacement, at a cost of $1.1 million; and Market Square Park enhancements, including a large welcome granite stone for Bowes Street, new lighting for the concert stage and improvements to the downtown banner displays, at a cost of $194 000.

    After all, Parry Sound IS in his riding and Montreal and Toronto aren't.

  5. I wouldn't such a problem with this if we didn't already know that Clement has misappropriated a lot of funds in order to spruce up his own riding on the back of the G8/G20 summit "security" funds.

    • He is obviously trying to displace Mr. Mulroney as the world's campion pork-barreller.

  6. $100 million dollars that should be returned to taxpayers.

    That's $3 bucks for each of us and we could use it to attend one of these events, it the event can't attract enough people at that price it's not my problem, let organizers dig into their own pockets – not mine!

    • "let organizers dig into their own pockets – not mine!"

      So the name "Philanthropist"… is that meant to be ironic?