Tony Clement loves communist Bethune, hates communist Cuba


Treasury Board President Tony Clement is being ridiculed on twitter. On Wednesday he attended the opening ceremony of a government-funded visitor’s center named after famed Canadian humanitarian Dr. Norman Bethune, in Mr. Clement’s riding.

Yesterday, he joined flamethrower Ezra Levant in criticizing former Globe and Mail editor Stephen Wicary for moving to Cuba to be with his humanitarian wife.

Parks Canada was celebrating Bethune “owing to his medical accomplishments and humanitarian work…[he] is most famous for his humanitarian actions during the last two years of his life in China.” Not insignificantly, the Bethune memorial in Gravenhurst is a beacon for visitors from China, for whom Bethune is a national hero.

Bethune was also a committed communist, which is why he went to China in the first place. Meanwhile, Stephen Wicary’s wife accepted a job with charity CARE Canada, as Jonathan Kay of the National Post notes. Her husband will be joining her. Clement attacked Mr. Wicary for choosing “to live in a communist country.” Apparently, his move indicates that he is a vile communist worthy of a Minister’s contempt.

Twitterers are amused. Eva Holland wrote:

So @TonyclementCPC does not believe in Canadian citizens moving abroad for charity work. Minister, should we close down CIDA and DFAIT, too?

Ryan Wright wrote:

I bet once @TonyclementCPC realizes that Bethune moved to a communist country to do aid work, @wicary will get a monument too.

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Tony Clement loves communist Bethune, hates communist Cuba

  1. A lot of people are scratching their heads these days and wondering “what does the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) stand for exactly?” The confusion is understandable. The CPC has covered a lot of ground in the last ten years or so, and it’s not always easy to keep up.

    So allow me to help clear up any confusion: “CPC” stands for “Cheap Partisan Convulsions”

  2. Dr. Bethune was a Canadian humanist, first and foremost, who happened to believe in Communism. He did great work saving lives and his contributions to medicine, in the battlefield is a fact and he should be commended, for his humanitarian work , not his political beliefs…I do believe, “he” was a good man..

    That said…IMO… This regurgitated, “convenient” and expensive, recognition by Tony Clements and the Harper govt. amounts to simple, ” A$$ kissing “, the Chinese Govt….to solidify, the growing business relationships, Canada is nurturing with China… (ignoring the human rights atrocities committed by China, now and in the past,…..

    • No one a$$ed-kissed China more than Chretien and he even had the audacity to ridicule Harper at a Liberal leadership convention for chastising China’s human-rights atrocities. Chretien was outraged that Harper went after China saying that Harper had undone all Chretiens work toward establishing good relations with China. So if we are going to be critical, let’s agree Canada is rich in its history of PM’s who a$$-kissed China in exchange for trade opportunities.
      As for Norman Bethune, he revolutionized the way physicians work in the field in traumas. He deserves to be celebrated as a Canadian inventor who developed a crucial life-saving technology.

  3. I can find it in my heart to hate both communist China and communist Cuba. I also can appreciate Bethune’s humanitarian work while hating his complicity with movements in Spain and China that would destroy innocent human lives.

    Would I honour Bethune? I don’t know. Simply being a communist and supporting communist movements is a pretty big stain on his record, and is hard to overlook.

    • Movements that ‘would destroy innocent lives’, are you f*cking serious? The communists in Spain were fighting against Francoist fascists that were lavishly aided by Hitler. The communists in China were fighting against Japanese militarist fanatics who were raping children as a matter of policy. The blindness and ignorance of your ‘hate’ is pretty astounding.

      • Which does nothing to excuse the excesses of the communists in either country. I am neither praising Fascists or Imperial Japan, and I feel no reason to praise the communists simply because they were their opponents. Instead of supporting communism he should have supported better ideologies as a means of organizing a resistance, one that isn’t responsible for the vast number of countries that are dysfunctional to this very day.

  4. We also have to remember that Bethune adopted his communist views at a time when truly oppressive regimes were inflicting great suffering and as western capitalism was going through one of its worst seasons. Communism (or at the very least, socialism) was seen by many progressives as a viable alternative. At the time of Bethune’s death, Soviet Russia was only just starting to experience the tragic difference between ideology and practice.

    • Bethune died in 1939, at which point Soviet Russia had already experienced lots of “tragic difference between ideology and practice”, including the liquidation of the bourgeoisie as a class (euphemism alert), dekulakization (another euphemism), the Soviet famine of 1932, and the Great Terror, not to mention lots of little terror.

  5. Another cheap shot at the Conservatives by the ignorant liberal media… saying that “Bethune is a committed communist, which is why he went to China in the first place” is like saying ‘Schindler is a committed Nazi, which is why he went to Poland to hire Jews in the first place’. Of course each was communist or Nazi respectively by name.

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