Top 10 best moments of the Vancouver Olympic Games

Curling fans, Norway’s pants and Joannie Rochette make the list


This best-of list does not specifically include Canada’s medallists. They deserve celebration, but are a bit too obvious, and too numerous to address, here.


Top 10 best moments of the Vancouver Olympic Games

  1. Not the best moment, but the best two minutes or so was the isolation shot of Charles Hamelin's girl friend Marianne St-Gelais cheering for Charles as he raced in the 500m short track final….such energy and emotion…awesome.

  2. Bilodeau's brother cheering on the sidelines.

  3. Joannie Rochette , it was very moving.She showed us what strength she carried along with her.

  4. Alexandre Bilodeau winning the first gold medal while his brother cheered him on, Joannie Rochette winning bronze four days after her mother died, Canada's men winning the gold medal hockey game. I lol'd at Norway's pants. I also loved when The fans at curling started singing Oh Canada and when The women's hockey team started cheering before the game was over.

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