Top 10 worst moments at the Vancouver Olympic Games -

Top 10 worst moments at the Vancouver Olympic Games

Rod Black, Melissa Hollingsworth and plenty of figure skaters make the list


The death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili is notably absent from this list. We at Maclean’s felt that such a tragic event had no place in such a lighthearted recap. Please see our magazine article, Who’s to blame, for our report on Kumaritashvili.


Top 10 worst moments at the Vancouver Olympic Games

  1. Macleans you suck!s

  2. Doesn't the death of an athlete rate as a "worst moment"?

  3. so how did macleans miss that georgian athlete incident?

  4. the worst moment ??? when Harper's wife.. couldn't/ wouldn't or does not know the words to Oh Canada…. considering she got a FREE ride on the olympic budget it's the LEAST she could have done is move her mouth… I was apalled at her behaviour… I wonder how many other Canadains caught that moment too?

    • I don't know if Harper was technically singing the anthem. His lips were barely moving. Would it kill this pair to show some enthusiasm once in a while?

  5. I agree : the death of the Georgian Luge competitor was the worst moment of the Olympics : I shall remember him long after the rest of the Olympians have faded from the news.

  6. Worst closing ceremonies these eyes have ever seen. Just awful.

    • TOM
      Where is your sense of Ha! Ha! sounds like you should have been watching NBC probably your speed

  7. Yes, the luge incident was so unexpected, because sporting endeavors where one hurtles their unprotected body down an ice track at 100 mph have no degree of intrinsic danger. The fact that people can get hurt doing something like that…well…you could have knocked me over with a feather.

  8. Can you PLEASE explain to me how Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir make your worst list? Are you British – cause that could be the only reason.

    • Did you actually LOOK at the slideshow vancgirl??? it was misslabled it should have said ROD BLACK the CtV announcer is a MORON

    • Reading is hard

  9. That was awesome and I very much like the Failed hydraulic arm.