Top official in Montreal was once a FLQ member -

Top official in Montreal was once a FLQ member

André Lavallée was convicted in 1971 of participating in a robbery


According to an exclusive report in La Presse, André Lavallée, the vice-chairperson of Montreal’s executive committee and the mayor of the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough, was once a member of the FLQ, going so far as to participate in a robbery to finance the group. In 1971, a 19-year-old Lavallée was active in the Michèle-Gauthier cell of the separatist organization and acted as a lookout when a fellow member robbed a bingo hall in Montreal. The operation turned out to be a dismal failure. The cell had been infiltrated by police, who organized the robbery but forewarned the priest in charge of bingo night in the church basement. As a result, Lavallée and his three compatriots made off with a paltry $31.90 and a few bingo cards. All three were fined $25 for their roles in the incident, but came away without a criminal record. The Keable commission, which inquired into police misconduct during the October Crisis suggested it was “stunning” that “on the one hand, police tried to stop the members of the Michèle-Ouimet cell from fleeing by shooting six rounds at them, while on the other, the sentence requested by the crown wasn’t exemplary.”

La Presse

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Top official in Montreal was once a FLQ member

  1. $25 fine for armed robbery. WTF? Canada, the heart that never stops bleeding…

  2. While I agree that the sentence was risible (although $25 was probably a fair bit of money for a 19 year old in 1971) but isn't this the idea behind our justice system (justice not punishment) that once a sentence served or penalty paid a person can become an active and involved person in society?

    I'm all for that.

    • Fine, let's change the old adage to "The justice should fit the crime". I repeat, $25 for armed robbery? Armed robbery warrants prison time. And more than 3 months – see the other Macleans link to the Winnipeg Free Press about the two gang members that killed Scott McGillivary in his backyard. Between them the two killers had faced 39 criminal charges since 2005, for "infractions" such as car theft, robbery and assault. The longest either of them has spent behind bars: 3 months. Canada, the heart that never stops bleeding.

      • For what it's worth, it wasn't an armed robbery, but a simple robbery.

  3. if stuff like this happened today we could send them to guantuanemo bay