Top soldier racks up million-dollar private flight bill

Gen. Natynczyk flew to Grey Cup, Calgary Stampede and Caribbean on public dime


Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Walt Natynczyk, has used government airplanes to fly to sporting events, galas and a family holiday in the Caribbean, according to CTV news. The media organization reported Natynczyk’s travels—on which the government spent more than $1 million—after filing an Access to Information request. In January 2010, Natynczyk took a government Challenger jet to meet up with his family in the Antilles after a ceremony at CFB Trenton caused him to miss an earlier flight. The cost was more than $92,000. He and his wife also flew in the same jet to-and-from the Calgary Stampede that year, at a cost of $200,000 before spending more than $120,000 in public money flying to the Grey Cup. The top soldier’s office told CTV that he tries to use commercial flights whenever he can, and that the private flights paid for by the government often take him to events where he is representing the Canadian Forces. Earlier this month, Natynczyk came out in support of former-General Andrew Leslie’s cost-saving report that aims to trim $1 billion from the defence budget.

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Top soldier racks up million-dollar private flight bill

  1. This man should be fired immediately! While our men and women are fighting, this man thinks he has an ‘entitelment’ to use tax payers money for pleasure trips with his family. As a retired military person, I find this man a disgrace to the uniform he wears!

    • So he spends Christmas with the troops.  Misses the start of his family Xmas celebration to attend a repatriation ceremony, MacKay gives him the green light to take the Challenger to catch up with them and he’s getting grief?  I assume Harper now wants to get rid of him because he didn’t shoot down the Leslie report like Hillier did. so we have Operation Discredit Walt.

      • Are we supposed to be concerned about a General who misses a Christmas or two while the dead soldiers he’s supposedly celebrating will miss all of their next Christmases, all of their kid’s birthdays, all of their everything, while he holidays in the sun? I don’t think so!
        Enjoy your holiday General. But not at the taxpayers expense. 

  2. While some people seem to defend the St. Maarten flight because he had the OK from Red Dawn MacKay, I would just like to point out that a last-minute flight from Ottawa to St. Maarten would cost no more than $2000. Air Canada has it at around $1300.

    A last minute first-class flight from Ottawa to Calgary is about $2300. Even if they double the price for the Stampede, it would still be less than half of the cost of 1 hour of flying time. I can’t be bothered to track down the equivalent of the Gray Cup flight, but I would hope that it was far less than $120,000. Heck, even chartering a plane from a private company only costs $5K/hour max. 

    Look, if he’s travelling on official business, sure. I get that, and I understand it. But unless I’m mistaken, there is nothing about the Calgary Stampede or the Grey Cup that requires an official military presence. Was he there to scare off those Russian bombers that keep invading?

  3. well at least he isn’t a wacko like Col. Williams. Still, I would be a tad more humble and less ebullient. 100 Grand for a hockey game? As. P. Martin pointed out: “Come on!?!?!?!” These photo-ops are getting out of hand, in my “humble” opinion. Our Government is getting to the Enron level or Lehman Brothers

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