Tori Stafford’s murderer to appeal his conviction


Michael Rafferty, the man sentenced to life for the rape, abduction and murder of of 8-year-old Tori Stafford, is appealing his conviction, the Toronto Star reports.

Rafferty is appealing on grounds the judge failed to properly instruct the jury and says the jury failed to “apprehend the evidentiary requirement to convict for first-degree murder.”

The appeal was received by the Court of Appeal for Ontario on July 26,

Although Rafferty missed the 30-day deadline to appeal his conviction, he was granted an extension due to an inability to contact legal counsel, due to restricted access to a telephone.
If he returns to court, Rafferty has requested that he once more face trial by jury. It is not clear whether Rafferty is being represented by a lawyer.

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Tori Stafford’s murderer to appeal his conviction

  1. I think we all know what Michael Rafferty really needs.

    • A fair trial

      • Sounds like your just like him guy he should be allowed in gen pop to merge good ol boy’s well take care of it.

      • He should be treated the same way that him and his sick girlfriend treated little Tory Stafford.

      • You must be a friend of his because we don’t care what he needs, only what he deserves. You don’t want to know what I think there. There was nothing ‘fair’ about what happened to that baby girl he took.

  2. A fair trial is what he needs

    • What wasnt fair about his trial?

  3. I hope they allow all the evidence this time. What a low life . He can’t accept responsibility forwhat he did. DEATH PENALTY FOR CHILD KILLERS AND MOLESTERS.

  4. Reinstate the death penalty

  5. More cost to taxpayers, and more hurt for the family. Our justice system sucks.

  6. An eye for an eye

    • Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, but I think this guys should rot in jail and live with his guilt

      • The point with this guy is that he feels no guilt. He can not be rehabilitated. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep him alive. I am certain he will get a free law degree like Homolka and argue himself free only to kill again.

  7. Appeals must be done in 30 days. Why does he get special consideration?

    • Because he could not access a telephone. Have you ever been in a jail? Do you understand the conditions therein?

  8. Oh and by the way, he didn’t kill anyone. His girlfriend did.

    • irrelevant! He was an accessory he let it happen.

      • You are correct sir. He was an “ACCESSORY TO MURDER” not a murderer. Thereby the conviction and sentence are incorrect and must be changed to reflect the real situation. RAFFERTY OUT IN 10 TO 15.

    • To be a witness and do nothing about it is just as equal as to doing the act himself. I think he needs to get what he did to that little girl. Raped and beaten to death

      • He did nothing to that girl except abduct her. His girlfriend murdered her. So by your logic he should be abducted and I agree with that. Let’s keep him behind bars for 10 years and then release him.

  9. He had a fair trial – what was fair about anything Tori had to endure? I agree with the other commentators – we should not be wasting anymore time or money on this individual, the death penalty is what he needs.

  10. This is going to be about him wanting more attention and a lawyer who knows he is guilty but wants the money. He’s a monster without conscience and should never walk free again…unless it’s among the other prisoners.

  11. Maybe his protected status should be removed, and he be served justice by a jury of his peers . .

  12. They both should be killed! What a waste of tax payers money!!

  13. “DEATH PENALTY FOR CHILD KILLERS AND MOLESTERS”. To bad Canucks don’t have the gonads to follow though with treats, we might offend a killers feeling; and for that we should feel shame.

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