Tori Stafford’s remains identified

Police say the body appears to have been left out in the elements for “quite some time”


Police have confirmed that human remains found Sunday in a secluded area 130 kilometers northwest of Toronto belong to Victoria ‘Tori’ Stafford – the Woodstock Ont. third-grader who has been missing since April. The remains were identified at the Centre for Forensic Sciences in Toronto, using dental records, but a cause of death has not been determined. The body appears to have been left out in the elements for “quite some time, quite a number of weeks,” police said. It is believed the girl was killed the same day she disappeared from school. Police say they can now focus on bringing the case to court. “As much as this is a very tragic event, no doubt, but the end result is a gratifying result that we can put before the court to see that justice is done,” said OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino. Fantino credited the finding with dedicated police work from the approximately 80 officers who have been working on the case. Tori Stafford would have turned nine last week.

Ottawa Citizen

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Tori Stafford’s remains identified

  1. The thought of that precious, beautiful little child laying abandoned somewhere like a dead animal or a piece of old machinery was just too much for me to think about.. I have prayed for her to be returned to her family every day since she has gone missing and finally, she will, at last , be coming home. The family needed this if they are ever to have any hope of making peace with it. My prayers are with them now and in the coming years as they think about the many beautiful memories they had with her during her short life and about the many life events they would have shared with her, if her young life had not been snuffed out so callously and coldly. May you rest in peace Tori. The world was a better place while you were here.