Tories dismiss NRA, long-gun registry ties -

Tories dismiss NRA, long-gun registry ties

Following Opposition allegations that gun lobby has had influence in debate


The Conservative government has dismissed allegations that the American lobbying group, the National Rifle Association, has been involved in efforts to abolish Canada’s long-gun registry. This followed a report by CBC News Monday that stated the NRA has been involved for more than a decade in trying to abolish Canada’s long-gun registry. In response to the news, David McGuinty, Liberal House leader, said Canadian politicians should debate the long-gun registry without the influence of the most powerful gun lobby in the world. He also asked the Prime Minister to disclose details of the “nudge-nudge, wink-wink relationship” between the NRA and Conservative MPs past and present, as well as staffers and party members. “Look, it’s an extremist group,” McGuinty said. “It takes the possession and use of firearms to an extreme level. Everyone knows that.” Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre said the Liberal “conspiracy theory” attempts to “demonize” Canadians who have been already unfairly criminalized by the registry, reports the CBC.


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Tories dismiss NRA, long-gun registry ties

  1. Now that's an organization I want my Canada to be involved with, YIKES!!! Thank God I live in Canada and not the crazy Wild West gun violence which occurs in the US.

  2. The Liberal Leaders name is Dalton NOT David.

    The Ontario Police say it helps them, in their line of work. Who are we to say they don't need it.

    • Hey there, Sonia…David (Dalton's bro') is house leader of the FEDERAL Liberals. Their late father was, I believe, a member of either the Ontario provincial or federal parliament before them. It's a hereditary illness in their family.

    • The Liberal Leaders name is Dalton NOT David.


      Try learning the difference between federal and provincial governments before volunteering to correct MacLeans news stories.

  3. Man, that's some smart stuff you're spewing there!

    It's like I've always said: If there's just one thing missing from Canada, it's the American Constitution.

    And I don't know about you, but I was real jealous of all those school massacres the Americans got to have in the 90's. I was like "man, that's what my high school needs….more kids with access to guns." So glad our government is lookin' out for us!

    • Grow up.

    • Yeah. And what, precisely happened in Canada on December 6, 1989?

      What happened on September 13, 2006?

      Moreover, the gun registry — the Liberals' vaunted response to L'Ecole Polytechnique — did precisely WHAT to prevent the Dawson College shooting? Nothing at all?

      I'll remind you that Kimveer Gil's gun was registered.

      Saved no lives that day — or ever.

      • Well then, let's get rid of drinking and driving laws too while we're at. I mean, the laws haven't stopped some people from drinking and driving so clearly they're ineffective and wasteful. Let's get rid of them.

        • Well I hate to be the one to point out the difference to you, BUT:

          Drinking and driving laws define criminal conduct, and apply a punishment to said conduct.

          The long-gun registry defines no such criminal conduct, applies no deterrent whatsoever. AND, as the Dawson College massacre demonstrates, doesn't keep guns out of the hands of the mentally disturbed.

          I'd say you're comparing apples to oranges, but in actuality you're comparing apples to turdmuffins.

      • Wait, I thought only law abiding firearm owners register their firearms. You know the rant; "Criminals don't register their firearms".

        • Which is a good time to make this reminder:

          Registration of guns doesn't guarantee lawful use of them.

          It doesn't prevent whackjobs like Kimveer Gill from killing. Doesn't save even a single. Solitary. Life.

          • No it doesn't, what would be your solutions which would guarantee all people who have a valid firearm licence will use their firearms lawfully.

            If a person has their firearm licence revoked, what's your solution to guarantee all their firearms are legally disposed, if there is no data base of registered firearms?

          • Two strategies:

            -First off, be proactive. Strengthen screening measures, and include a psyche evaluation as part of the process. This won't be popular with conservatives, as a matter of fact, but it's the right thing to do.

            -Secondly, if an individual possesses a firearm license, assume that individual possesses a firearm. Police issue a search warrant, search the home, confiscate the weapons. I have no objection at all to confiscation of a weapon, provided that it occurs by lawful, strictly-defines means.

    • School massacres are unique to the US? Last time I looked, Canada, Finland and Scotland all had notorious school massacres on the books within the past few decades. Once population is adjusted for, I don't think Canada's school massacre stats are really that much more impressive than the US.

  4. Once again, gossip about the Conservative agenda appears in the media and looks set to affect the outcome of a vote in Parliament – one would almost think that Canadians don't trust the CPC.

    I find it most interesting that Mr. Layton seems like a proud father when it comes to welcoming back those MPs who voted for C-391. Doesn't anyone in Ottawa care that these MPs, who we elected to show leadership, have done a complete 180 degree turnabout on an issue and will now vote against it? It doesn't show much strength of conviction or character to me.

  5. Liberals are sure that there is a direct connection between the Conservatives and the NRA.

    Liberals are sure there is no direct connection between the LPC and ADSCAM.

    Go figure.

    I'd be more convinced of the Con/NRA "connection" if they were meeting in restaurants exchanging brown paper bags.

    • As opposed to exchanging… no money at all.


    • I get once again hiding behind Adscam. That's okay with me since I agree we should never forget it, and just means you don't have anything to say about the subject matter at hand.

      What I don't get is bringing up cash exchanges in restaurants in brown paper bags. Because that applies equally to Conservatives of the past as it does to Liberals of the past. Or did you forget Mulroney?

  6. Visit to see interview with NON NRA member Tony Bernardo. He has some interesting insight into parliamentary process, etc.