Tories dump detainee documents

MPs outraged after government delivers 2,500 censored pages to House


The Conservative government has made two boxes full of heavily censored documents relating to the Afghan detainee scandal available to opposition MPs. While the Commons Speaker’s office scrambles to photocopy the papers for distribution, many politicians are already criticizing the move. “I have to say it’s a sad day when members of Parliament request information and they are treated in such a contemptuous fashion by the government,” said NDP Leader Jack Layton, while Bloc MPs have mocked some entirely blacked out pages and NDP defence critic Jack Harris called the action an insulting “political stunt.” Opposition parties have been fighting for months to get uncensored copies of the documents, which the government has withheld for security reasons, and are now threatening to launch contempt proceedings if the Tories don’t comply. Speaker Peter Milliken has heard the opposition’s arguments, and says he will give the government time to respond before making a ruling on whether the information needs to be released.


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Tories dump detainee documents

  1. When are the citizens of this country going to realize that the Harper conservatives take the rest of us for fools?

    • knickerbocker,
      just underwear in my book….

  2. When are the citizens of this country going to realize that Soldiers Lives are at stake while they are still in Theater?

    • When they realize liberalism is a defeated ideology. Can't be too long from now though. We'll see.

  3. For God's sake the opposition has been demanding documents and the government gave them the darn things and they are whining. Do they want them or not? There is nothing inconsistent in what the government did. They gave the opposition redacted documents. If at some point the judge clears them for release unredacted then that will happen, I suspect. The opposition are being outfoxed everyday and they are looking stupid. Iffy is so consumed with abortion he can't think straight. Or is it Bob Rae? They both look pretty silly these days.

  4. This move scores about 3.9 / 10.0 on the "Respect For Parliament" scale.

    • i dunno Phil. i think you need to doc a 1.5pt penalty still for single copy of each document for the three oppo parties. 2.4 from this dissenting judge. (jk, i think it is a 0).

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