Tories, Grits in a virtual tie -

Tories, Grits in a virtual tie

But neither party is anywhere near a Parliamentary majority


According to the latest EKOS poll, the Liberals have crept into a virtual tie with the Conservatives. At 30.9 per cent, the Grits now trail the Conservatives (31.5 per cent) by less than a point. The NDP, meanwhile, remains stuck in the mid-teens, garnering 14.9 per cent support. The broad direction of the Harper government left respondents almost equally divided, with 45 per cent of Canadians believing they’re headed down the right path while 42 per cent believe they’re going in the wrong direction. EKOS president Frank Graves says the most important demographic to keep an eye on could be the baby boomers, who are increasingly deserting the Conservatives for the Liberals. “The Conservatives still lead among this group,” he says, “but their lead is much less significant than it was.”

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Tories, Grits in a virtual tie

  1. This is all part of Harper's strategy. If I were smarter, I'd be able to figure it out.

    • While everyone else is playing checkers, he's lining up his foot to kick them squarely in the nuts.

      • I'm not sure Harper is the chess master so much as everyone else is playing Tiddlywinks, but they all need to get in touch with the average Canadian and play with their Wii. Chess and checkers are elitist games which don't have a plug-in or internet connection. Canadians aren't interested.

  2. I love it! – being a poltical junkee for many years now (I worked for Trudeau) there is nothing more boring than the governing party being 10 points ahead … in fact it is more often than not the kiss of death! What we have happening the next few months is going to be a great fight – what this will result in come mar. 03/2010 on the Throne Speech will be the event to watch this spring especially if the numbers continue to rise for the LPT as it's base will start to get antsy and more and more pressure will be put on Iggy to flip flop big time and come down hard YOUR TIME IS UP HARPER! – I love it stuck between a BLOQ and a hard place

    • the Conservatives should help the NDP become more popular so they can split the left…everybody knows Jack Layton is a better leader than the Iggster

  3. The next poll is the one that would be of more interest, now that Haiti, and the Conservatives relatively adept handling of the crisis, is top of mind.

  4. And to think this poor excuse for human being, remember he and his Reform clown were the first ever to put big red "X's" through the faces of opponent faces in Quebec while preaching Democracy and couple of years latter jumped in bed with them with a plan to form a coalition to gain power ……. 200,000 facebookers have evidence in living colour and words even to point of well written news articles on Harper & Co they thought were long forgotten …. Now if we can only find the file on F.I.R.E. racist conservative movement to steal Native Lands.

    • if you want to dig up racism just look into the Quebec separatist movement

  5. Remember who use to rull all the polls in Canada? – the man who is now running the liberal party…. He got all his friends to make this poll come out even just before his big bash on Saturday, hoping to get another bounce….., but if anyone thinks that Iffy is par with our PM – they have nuts in their head…… Did anyone see Iffy's news conference – looking to the skies for answers…. He is out to lunch and will be no match when he comes up against the PM….