Tories groom the rank-and-file at right-wing boot camp -

Tories groom the rank-and-file at right-wing boot camp

One speaker encourages ‘Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’


A speaker at a boot camp for right-wing candidates running in municipal elections suggested Ontario Progressive Conservatives would gladly look the other way should local campaign organizers manage to get their hands on secret voter lists. “You know, ‘Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,’” Brian Patterson told those in attendance at a candidate school co-chaired by Progressive Conservative MPP Steve Clark and Conservative MP Patrick Brown “You never heard me say this—and I’ll deny it in a room full of lawyers—that if you can somehow get it, you know, we don’t care.” Audio from the invitation-only event in Toronto was leaked to the Globe and Mail. Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives have distanced themselves from Patterson’s statements, saying “We absolutely do not share our lists.” During another session, Stephen Harper’s former head of communications, Sandra Buckler, suggested candidates get acquaintances to write letters to local newspapers to support them, a tactic that landed former cabinet minister Helena Guergis in hot water earlier this year. “Have your campaign manager write it,” Buckler said. “You have your wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, child, next door neighbour, treasurer …. And I’m a fan of letters to the editor, it’s good to have them printed, because then you can send them out as a campaign piece.”

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Tories groom the rank-and-file at right-wing boot camp

  1. The thing I laugh about the most is when conservatives steal socialists methods – and use them against them. It's priceless.

    • I wish they did.. it'd certainly be better than this.

  2. I on the otherhand question the ethics of anyone using such tactics.

    Honestly, is this what politics has come to?

    Actively and openly teaching people to lie, cheat and steal?

  3. Wow, dishonest Stupid Conservatives. What a surprise.

  4. Nice Guy.: There are no socialists in Canada. ( that I know of). The Cons are well experienced in creativing nefarious methods. They don't need to steal; tho they are quite willing to engage in that activity too, to further their own ends.

  5. Conservatives can break the law if they want…. ADSCAM.

    • With ADSCAM, at least when they were robbing us blind they stayed within budget.

      The PC's under Mulroney and Harper rob us blind while running massive deficits.