Tories in hot water over novelty cheques -

Tories in hot water over novelty cheques

Opposition MPs criticize the government for putting Conservative party logo on cheques


Oversized novelty cheques in hand, Conservative MPs have come to love bragging about the stimulus money they’re spreading around Canada. But while the funds are from the federal government, you might have a hard time knowing as much based on the attendant photo ops. Take Gerald Keddy, for example. Last month the Conservative MP from Nova Scotia was pictured handing over a $300,000 cheque with a Conservative party logo on it to officials in Chester, N.S. for upgrades to the local rink. When asked why a government cheque didn’t come with a government logo, Keddy was quick to pass the buck, saying “I didn’t order it, it wasn’t me. I’m not sure how that happened.” NDP MP Peter Stoffer, for one, is eager to that out, saying he plans to pursue the matter with the federal ethics commissioner. “I think they’ve broken every rule in the book in this regard,” Stoffer says.

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Tories in hot water over novelty cheques

  1. Shame! I'm a Conservative supporter and this should not be done. Every party is guilty of this error in judgement. I wish that when there is talk abour expenditures, we would refer to the TAXPAYERS not the the providers. Example: "The TAXPAYERS have just built a project for the Olympics", not the GOVERNMENT is doing this that or the other. It would make us more aware of how OUR money is being spent. Saying the GOVERNMENT pays for this or that sounds like a big fat POCKET OF FUNDS somewhere from which payments are drawn. It's the TAXPAYERS' skinny, shallow pockets footing the bill and they are fast becoming EMPTY pockets.

  2. I agree. Every single one of these projects should be labelled "Government of Canada". To the best of my knowledge not one cent has been paid by the Conservative Party.

  3. I agree. Every single of of these projects should be labelled "Government of Canada". To the best of my knowledge not one cent has been paid by the Conservative Party.

  4. David Akin has posted the relevant guidelines on government communications and advertising.

    – Values and ethics: Communicating in a manner that affirms Canadian values of freedom, openness, security, caring and respect. Informing the public about policies, programs, services and initiatives in an accountable, non-partisan fashion that is consistent with the principles of Canadian parliamentary democracy and ministerial responsibility.

    – Corporate identity and visibility: Helping Canadians recognize the activities of their government and its institutions through clear and consistent identification. Ensuring appropriate use of official symbols, as prescribed by the Federal Identity Program.

  5. There once was man called "Deif the Thief" from out west now history has repeated itself with "Steve the Thief"

    • I think you mean Thievin' Stephen.

    • No one is calling Conservatives thieves, just overly partisan. There is a difference.

  6. Wow. That is really, stupendously dumb. The CPC manages to do a gratuitous faceplant yet again.

  7. They're the ones administrating the dole. Who cares if the CPC logo is on Santa's bag? If the Libs were in the driver's seat, you'd see the Grinch with his change of heart. So long as stimulus money is distributed where it's supposed to be, then what's the fuss about the wrapper? Always somebody wanting to ring hell's bells.

    • Perhaps it has something to do with the funds being doled out being taxpayer money and not Conservative Party of Canada money?

    • Harper supporters can argue the semantics of publicizing their party with pretend cheques all they like, it still comes down to the intention of making it appear that Government of Canada money is Conservative money. Call it 'good taste', or 'class', or 'honourable intentions', or whatever, there are just some things that people understand are not done to promote oneself or take unfair advantage, or to exploit others. The Harperites keep pushing that bar lower and lower and trying to drag the rest of us along with them.

  8. I agree it's dumb, but one MP mistake or arrogance doesn't speak for the whole party….

  9. Putting the logo on was a mistake, and I hope someone gets/got called on the carpet for it. I don't have as much of problem with MP's names on it though, at least not when it's their riding or their cabinet responsibility.

    • But it isn't their money, it is OUR money doled out through official government channels, not the channels of the Conservative Party of Canada.

      • I sign invoices and cheques for my company all the time. It's not "my money" either, it belongs to our shareholders, but that's part of my job. If I start doling out their money irresponsibly, then I get fired, and deservedly so.

        • You actually have signing authority on those cheques. None of these MPs do – the Receiver General does.

          • Yes, but ultimately some elected official(s) voted to release the taxpayer money, whether it's for a specific project or just X million for "infrastructure".

            I just don't see what the big deal is. I'm more concerned with where the money's going, are we getting bang for our buck, than how the money is delivered.

            I have a picture somewhere of former Lib MP George Proud personally handing me an award for a Gov't of Canada scholarship that I won, and I never thought twice about it until now. And the award was signed by Jean Chretien.

  10. when governments hand out money they want you to be sure it's coming from them …for example , when it comes to individulas that is why they will often mail out cheques where really they could have made it so you just get more money back on income tax ….so the several dollars it takes to produce the cheques in overhead goes down the drain really other than being a sort of job creation

  11. Many staffers in the Conservative Party still retain the old opposition mentality. What is surprising is that party strategists didn't realize it is to their advantage to have "Government of Canada" on each cheque since the Conservatives are the party of government. Old habits die hard.

  12. Oh come on. Yes, this was dumb but it wasn't near as sleezy as the sponsorship thing the Liberals had going in Quebec. These cheques are just props for a show. The Quebec thing cost us over a couple hundred million dollars .

    • We can forgive all the things the Conservatives do wrong because the Liberals have done wrong before.

      What a wonderful philosophy to espouse towards government.

  13. The Bart Simpson defense (I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything) has no place in federal politics, especially not among a party that once upon a time ran on a platform of openness and accountability.

  14. Lucky for us in NL we don't have to look at too many Coservative logos as they seem destined for Peter McKay's riding. I thought the Liberals were bad!!!

  15. Conservatives are self-righteous sleezbags. So are Liberals but Cons got 'em beat handily when it comes to sleez, just give 'em more governing time and they'll prove it.