Tories lash out after UN official calls for national food program in Canada -

Tories lash out after UN official calls for national food program in Canada


Olivier De Schutter, the UN special rapporteur for food, has caused a stir by criticizing food security in Canada. Speaking Wednesday, De Schutter called for a national program that will address many Canadians’ lack of access to proper food.

“We have a large number of Canadians who are unacceptably too poor to feed themselves decently,” he was quoted as saying by the CBC. “We have in this country more than 800,000 households who are considered food insecure… This situation is of great concern to me.”

The UN official also pointed out that food bank visits in the country are on the rise, and said this is a symptom of failing social safety nets.

The Conservative government was quick to denounce De Schutter as a “patronizing academic” who would be better off focusing on other UN countries with more inequality than Canada. Canada is the first developed country De Schutter has visited as UN special rapporteur.

“There are, what, 193 members of the UN? I think most Canadians would think that spending 11 days in Canada on this issue – his time would be better spent elsewhere,” said Foreign Minister John Baird, quoted by Al Jazeera.

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Tories lash out after UN official calls for national food program in Canada

  1. So hungry people in other countries are more important than hungry people in our own country? How can a government official be so cold to his own people? Walk into an elementary school any morning and ask the kids what they had for breakfast…then tell me his time could be better spent elsewhere!

  2. I lived on Welfare for 4 years. After rent and power (which I couldn’t always pay) I had enough left for one weeks worth of groceries and the food bank was a two hour walk to get to it. Harper would rather by pretty airplanes for BILLIONS of dollars rather than put food into the mouths of Canadians. How did this pseudo American ever get elected?

    • Why did you live on welfare for 4 years? You seem proud of that.
      I just retired after leaving my home province to find work and just completed 40 years of service. After 2 months of relaxing I went online and found plenty of jobs. Currently working at a job that is physically demanding but I’d rather do that than sit on my butt and complain that the government isn’t helping me enough. BTW….my hard-working father taught me good work ethics…..he made it clear that once I finished school I wouldn’t be hanging around the house waiting for government handouts or living off his hard earned money. I am forever grateful to him for that!

      • Good on you Adory

      • adory, htc: you seem to be assuming ChrisW is a lazy welfare bum. While those certainly exist, it’s an unfair assumption to make about ChrisW without proof; sometimes there are very legitimate reasons for being on the rolls. And you will note he said “lived” – past tense. The implication being he is no longer on welfare – and further, that he was not a bum but had legitimate needs.
        Nice compassion, there, folks!

      • Actually, I was the victim of a mental illness. Once I got medicated and other supports I was able to develop a quality of life. Now I am fully employed and have been for years. Even have a family. The welfare system was used the way it’s supposed to. Your lack of empathy for those less fortunate then yourself precludes you from the right to interpret the tone of my comments. My tone was one of assertion–the voice of experience of someone who as been there. Not pride. I’ve been there so I know how bad it can be. If you can’t recognize that most people have legitimate reasons for being in poverty then shut the hell up and to back to the states.

        • Kudos to you for making the effort to be on your own…and raising a family…AND fighting mental illness (it’s far from easy) Welfare was put there for those who truly need it – and from the sounds of it – you were! Unfortunately, all the media is around those who abuse it – and the general population only thinks of “those people” when welfare is mentioned. Jumping to conclusions about people whom we don’t even know is half the worlds’ problem now anyway! And to adory – I hope your father also taught you human compassion and consideration.

          • He sure did teach me human compassion and I put my money where my mouth is……I am reminded of that each year when I file my income tax and gather up my receipts for charitable givings to some of the greatest Charities in the country. That is one of the ways I show compassion…….to give thousands of dollars of my hard earned money to help those in real need. Also taught my daughters at an early age and as soon as they started working they started giving and stil do even through their times of financial struggles.
            It’s the Nanny State mentality that I hate……people expecting the government to look after their every need….and I’m not referring to people who are ill or disabled. I like to know that I can survive in this world without government handouts……all prievious generations did.

          • A problem I have is that I’ve found the lowest hanging fruit to being productive is interdisciplinary research. The quicker I learn things the better a person I am. But that also means the less accreditation I get. Welfare for brainiacs would be nice. I’ll probably be okay personally wasting time minimum waging but in a decade or two our country will snuff out our best and brightest with the Alberta mindset.

        • Sorry for your illness and glad you recovered and are now successful. Canada is a great land of opportunity……..just ask the many immigrants who come to this country. I know some of them personally and they find it hard to believe that there are thousands of jobs available that Canadians will not take because collecting EI or welfare is easier.
          BTW…..your judgement of me is so far fetched. I am a born and bred, true blue Canadian and have only visited the US a couple of times.

          • Stephan, Is that you? I believe ChisW was referring to Harper when saying “How did this pseudo American ever get elected?”

      • Adory, you are lucky to have a father who cared. Some people have fathers who are child beating crack addicts. Sh*t happens to people and they end up in ugly situations. It is a hard life on welfare and nobody is proud of it, but it keeps kids in school and keeps families from living behind a dumpster. People on welfare never have enough to eat as the end of the month approaches, so they visit food banks, make a few dollars under the radar, or steal something. A national food program for the poor is a good program that will not come from this government.

    • Maybe you should have tried harder. Just be glad that you don’t live in a country like India or Afghanistan where the local food bank is the city dump. Here is an inspirational video for you to watch: “Homeless boy steal talent show”

    • Make that pseudo-Canadian!.

  3. Of course the are many people in Canada too poor to eat decently, even this is not exactly the norm. The government’s reaction, of pure and irrational denial, is disgusting.

  4. I think the Calgary Food Bank counts about 140,000 regular clients. Don’t know if Attawapiskat has a food bank, but food banks have become an integral part of Canada’s social welfare net.

    Real classy Mr. Baird, real classy. Say it again – jobs, growth, long term prosperity.

    Look, over there, a squirrel. Canada’s long term national food plan.

    • In Alberta the AISH (assured income for the severely handicapped) just got a raise of $400.00 per month which should alleviate some strain on the food bank. Other issues need to be addressed as well…like transit prices. If senior citizens are paying a very low fee like $45.00 per YEAR, why shouldn’t people on welfare and AISH also pay that very low fee. That would leave them with more money for essentials, such as food.

    • Installing centra-vacs in Cgy for a few weeks before caught in a weird Licnese loophole. Most of the oil money goes to bigger vehicles and more square footage and better views. The view will be able to be had by anyone with OLEDs in maybe 15 or 20 years. It is dead space in the homes. I guess bling for the wives. Market forces don’t provide imagination.

  5. Maybe we should take heed of the UN’s comments as opposed to slapping them down. Looking at our school yards it appears they may be on to something here.

  6. not only do we need a national food program ,we need a national medicare program, alllowing each prov. to do the job is not working, some of the moneys allocated goes for other things , depends on where you live, that mean mouth used car salesman needs to go hungry for a while (flaherty)

  7. Well the almighty cons don’t want a embarrassment like this on there
    hands and yes its true my friend who had worked in the construction
    industry for his whole life he is 48 now had to rely on food shelters to
    get his family by maybe the politicians who live in a gifted world need
    some reality and live our life and see the day to day struggles of real
    people because from what i read they don’t have a clue what real life is
    like . not a proud Canadian no more even been thinking of moving from
    this so called democratic society really we live in a socialist country and that is corrupt and our politicians dont answer to nothing
    and couldn’t care less what the populace thinks but of coarse they no
    whats best for us or is it whats best for them ah same thing

  8. John Baird is an idiot. he cannot see the issues right under his nose because he has a job and is well paid.
    I likely never will have to use food banks.

  9. This government has completely lost its connection with Canadian people,its constant lash outs over cirticism, secrecy beyond imagination, corruption scandals and all out greed has deeply crippled this country. The issues that affect most Canadians are far beyond the eyes of the fat cats who sit on parliament hill. What are they doing to this once great country? We need a change and I don’t know if we can wait another 3 years.

  10. I hate all these reform aholes

  11. Sad state of affairs when being an academic is an insult. The cons don’t like people that think for themselves. They want us to be robots. More importantly they want hungry robots, thats if we are not willing to work at dairy queen for below minium wage we will be replaced with workers imported for the tasks as we continue to starve without EI.

    • Really? If you don’t want to work at there then go get another job that pays more. Why do you think we have to bring in workers you putz? Maybe you should look at the mirror on whom to blame instead of everyone else.

      • There isn’t a magical “Job Tree” where you can just pick one in an instant. I have friends who have spent 9hours a day for the lst 3 weeks applying to every job the internet and flyers have to offer.

        You guys act like it’s easy to get hired… Sure there’s a job out there. But at 50% your regular income or 50% of the hours… how on earth are you supposed to pay your bills?

        Have some compassion.

      • John Baird? Is that you?

      • 1stly who says it is me that is going hungry and who is job searching? I am a very proud LIBERAL that cares for my fellow man, not someone thats calls the hungry putz.
        2ndly with the cost of living being as it is where minimum wage barely puts food on the table if at all with other household expenses considered and you think it is ok that someone HAS TO take a below minimum wage job?

  12. Government mandated food? Well hopefully they will supply Pizza Hut pizza or I am suing the government.

  13. I would be very interested to know what a “national food program” would look like in Canada. I live in a neighborhood that has people of all socioeconomic levels residing in it (much like a small town). The school my children attended had a group of volunteers who provided breakfast for students who didn’t eat before attending. Of course, this service was directed toward those children whose parents were not as well off financially but there was not distinction made on who could attend. This service was not offered at schools in the more prestigious areas of the city as it was assumed that “poor people’ don’t live there.
    The UN report also spoke about the need for the government to address the obesity epidemic in Canada. We know that people can be overweight yet undernourished due to poor food choices (ie: university students getting scurvy from a diet highly dependant on mac and cheese in a box). There is an epidemic of Diabetes Type II related to this problem among our First Nations. Any ideas on how a national food program would deal with this issue?

  14. John Baird is obviously one of the elite who has never gone hungry in his life. We have a family of four and my wife and I both work. We have had to visit food banks to make sure our kids are fed. Baird needs to give his head a shake and see what is going on in the “real” world. Unfortunately him and the the rest of the “ruling class” would never be seen consorting with the poor and the needy. We are beneath them and thus unimportant.

    I’m proud to say I didn’t vote for him and his ilk. The cons are the most inhuman and inhumane party this country has ever seen.

  15. Too bad the Tories didn’t focus on how to resolve poverty and food insecuirty insteasd of getting their backs up. The truth is people are malnourished in this country and what pray tell, is the federal government doing to resolve the issues. Corporate tax cuts; too expensive jails and jets; and cutbacks for those who are collecting EI. Oh yeah these policies will help those who are the most vulnerable…

  16. I would suggest that the Minister visit the web site:
    and find out what sort of life he and his family could expect from current levels of financial assistance. A proper diet and adequate housing are strong indicators of good future mental and physical health. These are children we’re talking about. Canadian children. Many do not have enough to eat, let alone the nourishing diet they should be eating. This is particularly shameful in a country with the resources we enjoy. There is something incredibly “provincial” about many Federal ministers. Get out and live with the people for awhile, Minister Baird. Dwell in the inner cities, in the areas where industries have shut down, in the small towns and the forgotten rural areas. Your responsibility, your duty, your moral obligation.

    • Yeah, and who are the people that brought these children into the world. It’s certainly not the government. If you can’t support the children that you bring into the world then maybe you shouldn’t have children. If my children are starving I would be working 2, 3 jobs to make sure that they are fed even if I have to work at Dairy Queen for below minimum wage. I agree with you 100% that our children are the most important thing in this world so act like it and not put blame on other people for your predicaments. You shouldn’t rely on the government or anyone else to solve your problems. Look in the mirror people.

      • So htc you are saying that if you happen to be born into this country by irresponsible parents then you should suffer the consequences? I agree with your theory that if you have kids expect to take care of them, but what about the children who are not lucky enough to have good caring parents? Their loss? What about people who lose their jobs because they have been laid off? What about those people who should be on disability but the system won’t allow it? Running with your logic it is their fault they lost their jobs, their fault that they got sick and the government should not step in at all? Give your head a shake!

      • My Dad got me fired from my job at 11 but at 16 he wasn’t legally able to get me fired.

        • Now your kids are dependant on me to prevent AGW and pandemics but I really don’t want to save your kids or Harper’s.

  17. Let’s just blame government for everything instead of taking some responsibility ourselves. We now have a nation of whiners and complainers who expect the government to do everything for us……even feed us. How far we have fallen in such a short time. This age of entitlement is disgusting to someone who grew up before the abuse of the welfare system when, if all else failed, collecting welfare or EI was the last thing most Canadian citizens resorted to. When a family was in need, families and neighbours gave assistance…..that was the Canadian model.
    I challenge everyone to rise above the malaise that is sweeping our country and reach out to our neighbours in need while being grateful for what we do have. When filing your income tax what percentage of income can you claim in the charitable giving column? This is usually a good indicator of your generosity!
    BTW……an Asian co-worker who escaped his oppressive country about 18 years ago recently told me that there is no greater country in the world than Canada for a person to succeed and make a good life for themselves.

    • As one who has consistently taken care of himself and his family (and yes, who usually has a fairly good number in the charitable donations box), let me say that there are times when, no matter how hard you try to take responsibility for yourself, stuff happens over which you have no control.
      I’ve been lucky enough so far to never have had to resort to welfare or food banks (and it’s been 20 years since I last collected EI) but I’m not so callous as to assume that a person who needs help getting by isn’t trying.
      You can’t blame government for everything, nor expect that they provide everything. But when more and more people have to resort to food banks – and we’re not just talking “welfare bums” or “lazy people on EI”; there are plenty of hard-working people who find it hard to get by – then there’s a problem.
      And ignoring the problem (as Baird apparently wants to do) or blaming the victim (your approach) solves nothing.

      • No one is saying that there is never a time when we need a helping hand. Everyone usually does sometime during their lifetime.
        It’s the ever constant complaining we hear in the media about how the government is supposed to look after our ever increasing demands that is disturbing.
        I’m from an era where most families struggled to make ends meet and even put food on the table…..but they didn’t expect handouts from anybody. Now we are demanding that governments feed us hot nutritious meals every day. Come on….my father lived to be 95 and he hardly saw a green vegetable in his life. His diet consisted of meat, potatoes and bread…….all the things they tell us we shouldn’t be feeding our children nowadays.

        • My father lived to be 500 and smoked 5 packs a day. Would you believe just because you don’t know nutrition and mortality causes, that someone does or has a fed research proposal? Website is choking on the links, but the greenhouses are mostly materials science, which means they should be prototyped more often than MB can afford (2007 R+D ended). Winter broke a plastic sheet but a new sheath could be invented. Comes from China. The plastic components are a petroleum refinery fraction. Indians would live ten years longer with frsh veggies, fruits, and some cooking lessons. The future of the species is longevity research. If China lives to 150 and we are still getting diabetes, we will move there.

        • They don’t have to look after our ever increasing demands.

          This is about basic friggin’ needs. As in enough food to keep you healthy. If Harper and Flaherty go on and on about how we’re the best situated country following this recession, then it’s freaking tragic that they aren’t the least bit concerned when someone from outside looks at us and says, “Hey, you’re letting a lot of people suffer needlessly”.

          If we really are the best country in the world, you think we’d have the humanity to prove it and make sure that our people are fed.

    • Wow pretty impressive for your coworker to have lived in every country in the world. I mean he/she must have if they know that Canada is the greatest country to make a good life. Go drive around some of our native reserves and then tell me our country doesn’t need help.

  18. Who says we want the government to feed those that are hungry? Thats should not be needed if the country is well governed. Those that are hungry don’t want to be fed by the government, they don’t want to visit food banks, they want to be able to take care of themselves and their dependants. What those that are concerned want is that variest factors that influence how much money people have for food be tweaked by the government to allow for a little more funds available in lower income homes that can be used to buy food. These tweaks could be in the form of lower taxes for the low income homes, greater capital gains taxes for those that flip homes and drive up household expenses, laws to stop wholesalers or retailers from over pricing goods and services which again up household expenses, creating laws making temporary agencies pay a greater percent of the marked up rate they charge their customers for labour to the labour and make it easier for employers to make the low paid temporary jobs into full time higher paid jobs without penalities charged by the temp agencies. I could go on listing more small ways in which the government could help solve the issue of hunger in Canada and all without the government feeding the masses.

    • Here’s a much bigger way: the gov’t could stop making deals with countries like China and the US that prohibit any processing in Canada of the raw materials other countries are so anxious to buy from us. This is exporting good jobs for Canadians along with, e.g., raw logs. You say “…if the country is well governed”…but obviously, it’s not.

  19. Leona is quite possibly the stupidest MP ever elected.

    • Canada’s aboriginal population is 1.2M. Inuit: 50k. No, it doesn’t matter to Aboriginals whether the seal hunt is hated in Europe or not.
      When she said fed shouldn’t pay for soap in a pandemic, I pretty much started looking forward to death via natural causes as an escape from this cuckoo-clock country.

      • Oh god, she’s still Minister of Health. No wonder suicide rate so high (healthy foods moderate this). For me, when I’ve tried to eat too healthy I got diarreah. These German twins, couldn’t afford the hotel room but I’m sure some oileys are nailing them right now, they ate raw oatmeal with milk. I didn’t know raw oatmeal was edible until Nik Lidstrom said so last year. We price floor milk, and subsidize unhealthy meats, but not oat farmers. I want to know when I buy something, how many minutes or days it will take off me life. I’m envious of USA food stamps and those can be tweaked to be worth more if healthy foods. Waiting for food bank scraps is cheaper than waiting for day labour if you have to bus to the latter. My parents were working poor and obesity is a big transfer payment healthcare cost. I needed to know what those Germans’s parents taught them about nutrition. Basically I just want labelling and cheap food where there are farms nearby. Where there aren’t farms nearby, many reserves, I think people should move to be healthier (ie. urban reserves). My case study is a U of M scientist paid $110000 research grant to do taste tests for bitter flax (is healthy) muffins. That should be fed dollars too. Farmers are CPC ridings. In Halifax for the first time ever I lived away from farmland and those McCain’s rising crust pizzas that don’t stack well and doughy in middle and burnt on top, were cheaper than bread. We will earn more dollars from exporting crops in 2050 than from petro sources: 100% sure of that. Might as well keep everyone healthy.

        • …A Dragon’s Den biz guy wouldn’t up the price of his winter Greenhouse tomatoes so the Dragons didn’t pay to expand from ATlantic Canada greenhouses to across North America. MB Hydro had an inert air Greenhouse prototype. Where there is hydro up north, IDK about the argon sheath though….there is the potential to have a northern greenhouse in every community cost effectively. The idea might fail if inert gas too expensive. Just like the blimps can’t get helium.

          • …in jr high and Grade 9, in foods and nutritition we had the crappy food pyramid with too much dairy, and I learned to make apple pie and pizza. Which are horrible foods, though not too far away from something good. I was happy Harper visited Peak of the Market the Dion election. I never drank much pop or ate mcburgers until hanging out with HS friends. I never realized fish and turkey/chicken are better than pork and hamburgers. Still got to give a shoutout to pocket-sized Bothwell Cheese. Where there are farms or cheap logistics, it makes sense to subsidize healthy foods. Colbert or Stewart interviewed a healthy food cook who traced down the California public outcry against healthy cafeteria foods to one radio jock. In high school had two $1 salads one day, and the peanut butter marshmallow bricks the next day. Once a week metabolism says eat high calories. And food is good when you are stressed.

          • …so I wish the desserts were $5 and I had the extra longevity. Diabetes and heart disease, charcoal and pickling causes cancer too, are federal transfer payment responsibilities. Your fed taxes go down if healthy living. And some food processing operations are power intensive and some water intensive. So where is green energy or water surplus, would want to encourage those factories. And where is water shortages soon or coal/tar, would want to encourage food imports and other specialized manufacturing to locate. That maximizes future tax revenues and farm yields. The North could export food to Africa mid-century in return for holographic education and %^&*-robots.

          • NS only has some marginal farmland. For the first time I found ice cream cheaper than milk. I ate ice cream. Having better farms somewhere else send their milk to a vacuum sublimation plant and then sending that to a mixer that added chocoalte bars and sugar and then deep freezing it and shipping it to a regional freezer to be trucked into Hfx, was cheaper then farming nearby moo cows. The downside of weed.

  20. Govt ministers do not really represent Canadians, they lack the upbringing and basic education required to be a minister. I am impressed the way Schutter responded to them, he did not go down to their level, probably he is better educated and well trained, the problem with democracy is that if your resume is not even considered for a below average job you can still try your luck in politics and the Minsters lambasting the UN representative are a perfect example. Canada donates a big amount to poor countries not because we care about poor but because it is hush money to keep the UN from criticizing Canada , How low the Tories can go. I offer sincere apology to Mr. Shutter as a Canadian for the kind of treatment he got from the Govt, they do not represent Canadian they represent those who give them money to win elections.
    There is a deeper problem here, Tories led by King Harper are overly inspired by the neighbors to the south (to the extant of being retarded) they want to emulate them, they want to imitate them and offer sincerest flattery all the time , even their dreams during their sleep are about New York and Florida. Trashing International bodies like UN is an America value
    after all they are the most powerful and Canada is a great Country not because of any other reason than the fact that Americans say nice thing about us, we share the border and when we go cross border shopping to US ,it is a CBC news headline.

  21. Another example of how useless and corrupt the UN has become, you’d think the “oil for food” corruption scandal would have been enough to put an end to this colossal waste of money. Canadaians should immediately stop payment on the 100 million we give the corrupt UN every year and give it to food banks instead. De Shitter should take his commie ideology and go back to the collapsing Euro zone, we have enough money for nothing socialist nit wits already. I like De Shitters commie glasses though… nice touch.

  22. Me thinks the Tories dost protest too much. If there was truly no reason for the UN recommendations, this whole issue would be largely ignored.

  23. The Liberals had an excellent food policy in their platform in 2011. And on the environment in 2008. And on poverty and Aboriginal matters in 2006. By not voting smart enough, we lost them all.

  24. Alright, here’s an effecient policy, it might not have been necessary if Chiefs would’ve listened to Chretien in late 1960’s about some private property home ownership (the converse is some people might be homeless):
    I assumed living in GFV’s cheap veggies that ports made food cheap. But maybe this was shipping proximity to Cali or Asia, or consumer economy of scale, or consumer wealth, or local farms….but only some foods are cheap in Halifax. I had a better map tat showed good and fair farmland, and there was only a sliver of fair stuff in N.S., far from HRM. But for now use the Atlas of Canada, “Agriculture-reliant communities, 2001”. Tick all four grades of farm reliance. That shows you where farms are. Even rail and other transport infrastructure boxes that can be checked off. I’m less clear here but I know rails from farms maybe within 200km(?) and with a reasonably large town (enough to attract a chain grocery store), will also produce cheap produce.
    The Atlas also has a map of Indian populations. There are maps of reserves.
    Where there is overlap is the potential to subsidize healthy food, say with food stamps for white meats and grains and sunflower/canola oil and fruits/veggies. Where not, build a rail line or move to some of these small towns near farmland, that are dying out but have intact houses and infrastructures. Might be racist at 1st but would welcome a young potential workforce. UN is right, need to tax sweets and non canola/sunflower oils. Cheaper health costs is great.

    • The problems Leona isn’t aware of are diabetes, heart disease and obesity among Indians. There was a study that said an indigenous diet might help but effects seem minor to me especially since most Indians are mutts. I remember in a bus, an Indian complaining loudly about fried chicken delivery at a biz being cold. He probably didn’t know how to make chicken and onions in an oven. I had red meat parents. Didn’t cook chicken for myself well until mid-20s. I buy whatever is on sale and only eat healthy when FT job that isn’t stressful, or in a bedbuggy shelter oddly enough. Blade steaks might be overfried, buh-bye.

      • Ontario should tax the junk food in cafeterias enough to break even.
        But still, a special shout out to Bothwell Cheese. Cheese so good, you want to stuff it in your pocket and run out of the store and eat it right away.

    • …an easy Chretein starts is to build some shacks on reserve that don’t even have utilities, much like what is out there. Train some labourers, bring in a few lead framers and stuff to co-ordinate things, and make the house privately owned by whoever labours, like a shack habitat for humanity. Some people have dream of home ownership (I like renting) and IRs are lacking in dreams. Can seal be canned? If so it might help an Inuit small biz, otherwise who cares about 20000 people?

      • IDK how many affected by seal hunt, but Inuit population was 50k. Chretein said when in conflict between riding and Minister duties, choose riding. But is no conflict here. Everyone wants a healthy population. Losers are maybe some (pandemic) pork and beef farmers, maybe not: farms are mixed. A couple of specific food sectors like sugar cane, but winners in subsidies too. I’m reminded of the RCMP ignoring complaints a serial killer was murdering hookers.

        • …At 1.3M people, assuming higher rates of diabetes and heart disease cost $25k each, is a $33B problem using conservative income and health cost assumptions.
          The wild rose and some S.SK ridings might dry out and some land north of the Yellowhead will open up for farming. United Nations trying to save us tax dollars.

  25. The arrogance of this government is beyond belief. It is time to take care of our own and then and only then help others. If they bothered to ask what most Canadians would think, they would see, we are not in agreement with their line of thinking.
    I do like that Minister John Baird said “he thinks most Canadians would think this way” cause he sure hasn’t asked anyone else on this topic and that seems to be a repetitive problem with this government.