Tories launch anti-drug ad campaign

TV and social media campaign aimed at teenagers


Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq has announced a new television and social media campaign aimed at warning teenagers of the ravages of drug addiction. The television ad, which shows a drug user spiralling into addiction, will run on teen channels and be featured on teen programming from now until mid-March. The health minister says she expects about 65% of teens 13-15 years old to see the ad by then. “To Canadian parents,” she said, “we’re on your side and you have our support in helping your kids say no to drugs.” NDP drug policy critic Libby Davies says government policies fail to address harm reduction and treatment.

Toronto Sun

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Tories launch anti-drug ad campaign

  1. Yes, drug addiction is a bad thing. No one will suggest otherwise. Drug prohibition, or a "war on drugs" is a terrible thing.
    It wastes large amounts of money, and drives the industry underground where it becomes much worse.
    The answers aren't easy or even clear, but it is my opinion that we need to move away from the fear campaign and address the reasons why people do drugs in the first place, and put it back in the realm of reality. Alcohol and caffeine and nicotine are already here. This blind drawing of a line in the sand isn't helping.

  2. No, Torries plan to put your children in jail, parents.

  3. Hopefully they will also establish or open drug rehabilitation centers all over the country, as this problem has been spreading for quite some time.

  4. Oh boy that's a brand new idea. I'm sure it will really work!