Tories launch gun registry ad blitz -

Tories launch gun registry ad blitz

Campaign intended to pressure opposition MPs


Ahead of a vote that could bring an end to the hotly debated federal gun registry, the governing Conservatives are running radio advertisements in select ridings, hoping to put pressure on potential swing votes. The ads, running predominantly in rural ridings, encourage citizens to call and e-mail opposition MPs whose support would help the government pass a private member’s bill that calls for the gun registry to be discontinued. Opponents have long decried the gun registry to be expensive, ineffective and an inconvenience for hunters. But this week Toronto police chief Bill Blair publicly called on the government to maintain the registry, citing its importance to police forces.

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Tories launch gun registry ad blitz

  1. On the gun front, we need to increase liberty a lot more than simply rescinding the gun registry. But, if this passes, I look forward to witnessing the apoplectic reaction of our Golden Triangle (i.e. Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal) ruling class.

    • If you want to live in the US, please do so.

  2. Um… last I checked, Stephen Harper – the MP for Calgary Southwest – has been prime minister for nearly four years. Are you suggesting that the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal ruling class are using Harper as a front?

    And I don't understand why Conservatives – who are fond of stating that they're tough on crime – are trying to get rid of the gun registry when many Canadian police chiefs are in favour of it.

    • The ruling class does not simply consist of elected politicians. It also includes — more importantly — intellectuals, the bureaucracy, and political organizers. In a democratic society like our own that is divided into regions with different moral cultures, the ruling class consists of politicians, intellectuals, bureaucracy, and political organizers of the most populous culture — in our case English-speaking Central Canada.

      Harper has achieved power as a politician from outside Central Canada by appeasing the intellectuals, bureaucrats, and political organizers of Central Canada. He given up many of previous policy preferences including Senate reform, introducing private healthcare alternatives, ending transfer payments, balanced budgets, etc.

      • What are the different moral cultures that you refer to here?

        Are you suggesting that English-speaking Central Canada – and its intellectuals, bureaucracy and political organizers – are less moral than the part of Canada that you are from (which, presumably, is the West)? Just curious.

  3. The question in my mind is why it is legitimate for the sitting government to do this.

    • good question happens all the time though ..the government can use public money to advertise its agenda…the flip side of that is i had a friend who signed me up for the ndp (which i don't like) and they would send me their junk mail in the post free envelopes …that the taxpayer picks up the cost for

  4. The gun registry in its present form is totally useless to police despite what they might say in public. Unless you are a bureaucrat earning a rich living in a depressed area missmanaging the system. Until they devise a way to make criminals register their weapons all it does is tell police and criminals which law abiding citizens might have a hunting rifle. Good for criminals because they now know which houses to break into to get a gun and good for police because they can then issue a fine to the poor law abiding taxpayer for not storing his gun according to the current rules without much worry about being shot at and make it look like they are being tough on crime.
    Unlikely: Harper is a Toronto boy. He simply went to Alberta to get a job and stayed. He is not one of us.

  5. While we are at it lets abolish the automobile registry

  6. Kill it, it's a colossal waste of money.

  7. If you are not a criminal, why would you be averse to registering your gun?? And your car?? Guns (and cars) enable people to kill others with ease. Is this the sort of society we want??

    • Yes.

      We also need to make sure that pepper spray and mace are available to everyone, small yield grenades, flash grenades, armoured assault vehicles (preferably with mounted touret), fully automatic assault rifles and fighter planes.

      The royals are planning a trip back, and I think they mean to take over the country… also, such ordinance will help you protect yourself from swine flu.

    • The democratic Weimar Republic in Germany required the registration of all guns to help control crime. When the Nazis came to power, they used the registry the to seize all Jewish guns to help facilitate their extermination. It really happened and cannot be ignored. Only extreme arrogance would lead us to believe we cannot fall prey to totalitarian government once again.

      Moreover, the primary purpose of civilian gun ownership in a liberal society is protection against totalitarian government. The price of that purpose is the avoidance of certain crime curtailing policies like gun registration.

  8. I tend to believe that, like driving, gun ownership is a privilege, not a right in this country. Insofar as I believe that to be true, I think having a registry of gun owners is not a bad thing.

    This registry may not be the proper tool, but the idea isn't abhorrent. Reform it before you repeal it, please.

    • Rights are not something granted or withdrawn by democratic decision. They exist prior to government. If they didn't, we'd end up with what John Stuart Mill called a 'tyranny of the majority'.

      Gun ownership as a natural, or pre-government, right is recognized in the common law and was affirmed in the 1689 English Bill of Rights — both of which form part of Canada's legal tradition.

      Very important for all Torontonians to recognize is that the American Bill Rights, with its 'right to bear arms', is a recycled version of the English Bill of Rights, which includes the 'right to keep arms for defence'. Firearm ownership as a right is as much, or more, Canadian than it is American.

  9. Why go part way …. go all the way …. let every Canadian over the age of 16 buy, own and carry a gun. Make it requirement to carry one when driving a car, one shot here and there will stop all those fools who cut you off in traffic …not to mention the ode finger trick>

  10. But all the Liberal appointees working at the registry will lose their publicly funded jobs! That's just not fair!

    Look at how much return we have gotten on our 2 billion dollar investment! Um…we now know that farmers have rifles. See how well it works!

  11. Get rid of the useless, parasitic jobs at the gun registry and accomplish absolutely nothing. We have enough maggots and leeches in the government now without this collosal waste. I agree we need something, but somelthing far more effective and far LESS expensive. The Liberals couldn't organize a lemonade stand on ,mommys front lawn. No wonder the police want gun laws, they seem to like killing unarmed people.

  12. how come id didn't cost me anything to register my dvd player, yet to register a gun (which is a consumer product) was going to cost the federal government two billion and ongoing costs….now thats crazy stuff…it was obviously throwing money down a hole and the government in action giving lucrative contracts to their friends

  13. God forbid making harder for law biding citizens, hunters, etc from owning guns! I mean if you don't take the guns away from them where will the criminals get their guns! LOL!!!!!!! As ole Rex Murphy would say the The Gun Registry is USELESS!!!

  14. If the gun Registry worked it might be useful. It doesn't work. The registry constantly loses information. Police are told there are no firearms in a home when in fact there are firearms that either haven't been registered or the registry can't find the information. The registry staff insisted I didn't own any restricted firearms even though I had the registration card in my hand and gave them my name, address and firearm permit number. It was 3 days later they found my file. Criminals have hacked into the system often and have used the information to burglarize gun owners of specific firearms. The Registry has all the information a burglar needs to find firearms to steal. The QPP used the long wait times for license renewal to seize firearms and charge gun owners with illegal possession of fire arms because even though they sent in their renewal forms months before their license expired, the registry was taking from 9 months to over a year to renew licenses after they received the proper forms. As soon as their license expired the QPP were at their door seizing their guns. A Judge put a stop to that practice but not before 1000's of innocent gun owners lost their firearms and were charged and still have criminal records. One of the many directors of the registry stated clearly that he felt his job was to keep as many firearms out of the hands of citizens as possible.

  15. If Liberals are whipped on this gun bill, shouldn’t they also be whipped on abortion votes as well? If the idea is to appeal to urban female voters?
    Denying MP’s the right to vote according to their conscience or constituents means they may wind up voting on Iggy’s leadership-with a big “screw you” vote that makes them heroes in their ridings.
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