Tories, Liberals losing voters -

Tories, Liberals losing voters

New poll finds support for both government and opposition in decline


The Conservatives may not be having a good week (see: Helena Guergis, Hillary Clinton), but it’s hardly benefiting the Liberals. The Grits have lost nearly a point since heading into their big convention in Montreal last weekend, falling to 27 per cent support from 27.7 per cent. The week-to-week slide is the sixth in a row for the Liberals. The Conservatives, meanwhile, have shed 1.1 points in support over the past week, falling to 32.2 per cent support. But while the Tories remain more decidedly ahead of the Liberals, the Conservative government’s approval rating also took a slide this week, falling to 41.9 per cent, down 2.3 points from the week before. Support for the NDP was at 16 per cent, while the Greens were the first choice of 12.7 per cent of Canadians.

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Tories, Liberals losing voters

  1. Hate to say it, but by the time any party has been around long enough to make a dent on the federal scene, its already corrupt beyond repair.

    • You are right Jim!

  2. it seems somewhat radical that 12.7% of canadians support the greens … that is 1 out of 8…i imagine a lot of their support are from people who won't vote ..check out michael moore's "slacker uprising" to see about voter apathy.. i am assuming the conservatives have a lot of older voters who have nothing better to do than show up at the ballot box making them more powerful than they may appear